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  • adj. Of or pertaining to the thalamus

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  • adj. Of or pertaining to a thalamus or to thalami.

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  • Of or pertaining to the optic thalamus.


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thalamus +‎ -ic


  • Kim suffered a stroke several years ago and suffers from a post-stroke complication called thalamic pain syndrome.

    Vail Daily - Top Stories

  • Prolonged SSRI antidepressant use can produce abnormal cell growth in the rat brain (neurogenesis) and decreased thalamic volumes in children (tissue shrinkage from cell death).

    Dr. Peter Breggin: New Research: Antidepressants Can Cause Long-Term Depression

  • The idea of space colonization is nifty, but it does not carry the thalamic-endorphin cycle we humans are easily subject to —- hate, anger, fear etc.

    No Moon Missions, That's a Relief | Universe Today

  • You have to know which muscles oppose which (not that hard), but also have to know which nerves project where (i.e. follow the spino-thalamic tract, and all the other nerve pathways, and so on), and be aware of an large body of PT literature.

    Kling Interview, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty

  • By suturing shut one of a kitten's eyes at various stages of development and for various periods of time, Hubel and Wiesel (1970) showed that certain cortical and thalamic areas supporting binocular vision (specifically, ocular dominance columns and cells in the lateral geniculate body) will not develop normally unless kittens receive patterned visual stimulation during the 4th to 12th weeks of life.

    Innateness and Language

  • I am fortunate enough to have had a very successful Deep Brain Stimulator implanted in the sub-thalamic nucleus of my brain.

    Think Progress » Limbaugh on Michael J. Fox: ‘I Take Back None of What I Said’

  • Different rhythms and oscillations in the thalamus, for example, are related to different states of sleep and wakefulness, and any disruption in these patterns can alter the way we perceive and interpret reality and the world.26 In other words, depression, obsessive-compulsiveness, and diseases related to aging often involve permanent disturbances in thalamic activity.

    Born to Believe

  • As a side note, people who engage in informal meditation—who only attend weekly religious services or yoga training or practice short-term relaxation techniques lasting less than thirty minutes—show no consistent signs of thalamic asymmetry.

    Born to Believe

  • In these disorders, the thalamus did not cause the problem; rather, the disease caused disturbances in thalamic activity.

    Born to Believe

  • Neurobiology of non-REM sleep in depression: Further evidence for hypofrontality and thalamic dysregulation.

    Born to Believe


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  • Allied to the professional and vocational dreams are "dimdoom" visions: fatidic-sign nightmares, thalamic calamities, menacing riddles.

    - Nabokov, Ada, or Ardor

    June 4, 2008