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  • n. A thesis.
  • n. Same as theme, 8.
  • n. In logic, an object of thought—namely, a term, proposition, or argument. Also theme.


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  • Having a birthday party without a birthday might be more acceptable but without a theme is ana "thema".

    The Times of India

  • Pronouncements of church (government, corporate) ana-thema,  denunciation and excommunication are appropriate.

    Materials sought for Biography of Irish Rockers, "The Naked Rowdies"

  • That is right he was a free right to speak his mind as do all Americans time for people in this country to stop letting the media guide thema dn there lives and thought it is sad to see so many people that are lead around by CNN, MSNBC, FOX I mean come on now learn to think for yourselves! stop being brain washed!!

    Obama: Wright is 'free to speak his mind'

  • Fandom, Horror, Theme Parks, SAW alek vidakovic the thema park new rides saw coaster to open thorpe park 2009 single movie this us saw rides coaster kill samthing efcet everbady daed pipoles america cool acrttcons big time lets cool ride hefun 21/8km speed down go now

    Torture Porn: The Theme Park Ride - SAW Coaster to Open in Thorpe Park | /Film

  • I am almost done with the quilting on the quilt I made with thema nd can't wait to send you a photo.

    Belated blogversary...

  • Ever industrious, Balls passed Christmas by flirting with traditional ChristianSocialists, offering thema morsel ofencouragement about the importance of family and marriagetosociety, disregarding how his policies have compounded thoseinstitutions 'decline.

    Gordon Brown, Charlie Whelan and Me

  • Upton shot between the two of thema rather close call as far as I could telland zoomed out to catch up with me.

    Paradise Lost

  • With the elimination of national quotas and the imposition of chain migration, aliens immigrating to the United States were poorer, less educated, and less skilled than those who had preceded thema pattern that continues to this day.

    Liberty and Tyranny

  • One of thema seven-tiered, white plastic towerI am told, is particularly popular for the wedding cupcakes.

    Let Me Eat Cake

  • I'm sure I'm out of the loop here, but to me 'tank moments' and 'man things' are so trivial, it's not worth giving thema second thought, let alone a first one. by

    Did Hillary Do A "Man Thing" Dukakis Moment?


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  • Not an acceptable Scrabble word.

    November 7, 2010