from The Century Dictionary.

  • noun One who catches thieves, or whose business is to detect thieves and bring them to justice.


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  • What art thou thrusting that thief-catcher into my face for, man?

    Moby Dick; or the Whale

  • The thief-catcher glared at him, then bent to a furious study of the board.

    A Crown of Swords

  • Thom, seated across the lapis-inlaid table from the thief-catcher, looked as little the gleeman in his finely cut coat of bronze wool, as he did the man who had once been Queen Morgase's lover.

    A Crown of Swords

  • And if not, then Juilin; a thief-catcher should know how.

    Lord of Chaos

  • The thief-catcher looked as if he would rather clean the cages with his bare hands.

    The Fires of Heaven

  • The thief-catcher always sought out the cutpurses and burglars and footpads in a town; he claimed they knew more of what was really going on than any official.

    The Fires of Heaven

  • Thom and Juilin exchanged glances, and the Tairen thief-catcher pulled a coin from his coat pocket, but Nynaeve gave him no chance to flip it.

    The Fires of Heaven

  • "A good thing he has no need for a thief-catcher,"

    The Fires of Heaven

  • "You watch what questions you ask, thief-catcher, or you'll gut yourself for market."

    The Fires of Heaven

  • Trotting, he followed the thief-catcher, who peered at the tall doors they passed, muttering that he knew it was here somewhere. previous |

    The Dragon Reborn


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