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  • I envisage the designer as a giant invisible jellyfish in the sky, with tentacles all over the planet sprinkling thiotimoline wherever and whenever a new design like, say a bacterial flagellum is required.

    Another Look

  • By arranging a chain of thiotimoline dissolution systems, you can arrange for for something to happen an arbitrarily long time before the initial cause (the logically first, temporally last, spill of the solvent).

    Rules for Time Travelers

  • A thiotimoline-laced asteroid crashes in the North Atlantic in 2021, throwing a cloud of debris up into the stratosphere, which causes a "nuclear" winter... in the 17th and 18th centuries.

    Making Light: Snowpocalypse Part Next

  • Okay, I *really read that* as "North Atlantic thiotimoline circulation".

    Making Light: Snowpocalypse Part Next

  • "Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana." thiotimoline

    Cool Stuff: Movie and Television Time Travel Timeline | /Film

  • "Dedicated researcher Isaac Asimov describes his discoveries regarding an interesting organic compound, thiotimoline, which has the ability to dissolve in water before the water is added." link

    Coordinated Evolution

  • "As you know, Ethel, that resublimated thiotimoline is the only thing that truly cures hemorrhoids in this universe."

    Infodump Assumptions


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  • The first story is the best, but the sequel is also pretty funny.

    May 15, 2007

  • That's hilarious! I was unfamiliar with the word but thank goodness for Wikipedia. Isaac Asimov was, truly, the man.

    May 14, 2007

  • May 14, 2007