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  • n. A radioactive isotope of radon, Rn 220, having a half-life of 54.5 seconds and produced by the disintegration of thorium.

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  • n. Thorin.


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

thor(ium) + -on2.


  • Firing a thoron pistol into the chests of unarmed men from point-blank range.

    Distant Shores

  • Fallout from these, particularly decay products of the gaseous thoron, were what the cleanup crews detected - not a nuclear reaction involving neutrons.

    Archive 2003-09-01

  • “Yes, Captain, a thoron radiation pulse drove the foreign organism out of your brains.”


  • Can their brains absorb that much thoron radiation?


  • Kes said, “We were able to kill it using the thoron radiation.”


  • With R.B. Owens he studied the "emanation" of thorium and discovered a new noble gas, an isotope of radon, which was later to be known as thoron.

    Ernest Rutherford - Biography

  • Soviet scientists appear to have done the pioneering work in the radon field, correlating radon and thoron emissions in well water near Tashkent, Uzbekistan, in the 1960s to an earthquake in 1966.

    The Seattle Times

  • All right, I’ve programmed a cortical stimulator to emit thoron radiation.


  • Whatever it is, it’s reacting to the thoron radiation.



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  • "Orbs of phosphor throw off bolts of hot volts (googols of bosons from photoprotons of thoron)."

    Eunoia by Christian Bök (upgraded edition), p 75

    May 22, 2010