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  • noun slang, wrestling A fall, indicating defeat.
  • noun slang, rare A weapon planted at a crime scene in order to mislead investigation, especially in situations where deadly force would only have been justified if the victim were armed. Also an untraceable weapon kept in readiness for such use.
  • noun slang, basketball A slam dunk
  • noun slang A fight or brawl; or, a challenge or incitement to fight.
  • noun slang, Hip-hop A performance by a rapper or DJ, intended to be particularly hardcore or intense.
  • noun slang, hardcore punk music A type of hardcore dance in which a person violently clears a space for himself and appears to be ready to fight those around him, while making violent and erratic movements with his body.


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Noun form of verb throw down ("to fight, incite to fight, make a stand"), from earlier idiom throw down the gauntlet ("issue a challenge").


  • Marty Seifert - Tom Emmer throwdown, which is expected to get supremely nasty on the floor.

    Politics in Minnesota

  • But that doesn't mean cats weren't rude; after all - the throwdown was a ripe opportunity for ambitious healthcare gadflies to influence peers and snatch national spotlights.

    The Boston Phoenix PHLOG

  • More of the BSG cast has stepped up to encourage fandom to win this multi-fandom "throwdown" while also sending a truckload of pencils to Big Media to show them what we think of their behavior during this strike.

    More Prizes for More Pencils

  • They asked to search my car and found the 'throwdown' gun planted in my car.

    Ex-competitor status leads to ex-lawsuit

  • Telecast's HD-POV - Viper II modular series of systems available for a rack or "throwdown"

    PRWeb - Daily News Feed

  • Telecast's HD-POV - Viper II modular series of systems available for a rack or "throwdown"

    PRWeb - Daily News Feed

  • Even if you've had to opportunity to try their signature Moules Fromage Bleu - a steaming pot of PEI mussels, bacon, shallots, spinach, and blue cheese with frites - watch as Food Network poster-boy Bobby Flay attempts to "throwdown" and pit his coconut milk, roasted green chilies and butter mussels, and roasted poblano fries against Chef Teddy Folkman's classic dish.


  • How about inviting the Food Network's Bobby Flay into town for a "throwdown" challenge with local chefs?

  • In this case, the police officer involved made the mistake of using a "throwdown" that wasn't anonymous.


  • He enters the Arthur Avenue Retail Market, an Italian souk of a place just off 187th, and glides past the hand-rolled cigars at La Casa Grande Tobacco, past Boiano's Food to Mike's Deli, famous for its "throwdown" eggplant parmigiana. Most Popular


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  • : a wild party
    “Dude, people have broken into your home and they’re having a throwdown.”

    September 19, 2013

  • Also:

    a cheap, unregistered firearm rumoured to be carried (sometimes unlawfully) by police officers. The firearm is thrown down next to a body in the case of a wrongful shooting of a citizen, so as to give the impression that the victim had been armed at the time.

    – online slang dictionary

    September 19, 2013

  • I like the Maestro Fresh Wes definition.

    September 20, 2013