from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • n. A lady's maid.
  • n. A dresser in a theater.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. A woman employed to dress, or to attend to the dressing or dresses of, others; a lady's-maid; a female dresser in a theater; a tiring-woman.


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  • Fleming, draw close the curtain, and get thee behind it — thou art a better tire-woman than an actress; do but breathe heavily, and, if thou wilt, groan slightly, and it will top thy part.

    The Abbot

  • “Ballán” i.e. the body-servant: “Ballánah” is a tire-woman.

    The Book of The Thousand Nights And A Night

  • This important duty was formerly confided to the tire-woman, but for many years had been included in the business of the first femmes de chambre.

    How la Reine-Martyre Marie-Antoinette was clothed

  • The tire-woman had, likewise, under her order a principal under-tire-woman, charged with the care and preservation of all the queen's dresses: two women to fold and press such articles as required it; two valets, and one porter of the wardrobe.

    How la Reine-Martyre Marie-Antoinette was clothed

  • The tire-woman sold the castoff gowns and ornaments for her own benefit: the lace for head-dresses, ruffles, and gowns was provided by her, and kept distinct from those of which the lady of honor had the direction.

    How la Reine-Martyre Marie-Antoinette was clothed

  • The first woman presented to her in this manner all that she asked for, unless the tire-woman, the lady of honor, or a princess, were present, and then the gradation, pointed out in the instance of the glass of water, was always observed.

    How la Reine-Martyre Marie-Antoinette was clothed

  • The tire-woman was entrusted with the care of ordering materials, robes, and court dresses; and of checking and paying bills; all accounts were submitted to her, and were paid only on her signature and by her order, from shoes, up to Lyons embroidered dresses.

    How la Reine-Martyre Marie-Antoinette was clothed

  • As it was, the girls were always nice and fresh and pretty, they themselves not being idle in that matter; but their tire-woman in chief was their mother.

    The Small House at Allington

  • They sent for the best tire-woman they could get to make up their head-dresses and adjust their double pinners, and they had their red brushes and patches from Mademoiselle de la Poche.

    The Blue Fairy Book

  • It enraged them to hear that he spent hours on his own toilette, and starched his wife's fine ruffs as if he were her tire-woman.

    Heroes of Modern Europe


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