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  • n. A mathematician who specializes in topology.

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  • n. a mathematician specializing in topology.


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  • Pagan topologist, the story of that button's a little worse than you may have heard-- all merchandise had to be pre-approved by the convention.

    Hancock (2008)

  • As pagan topologist said, a dying person is still part of the ongoing life of friends and family.

    Back From Seattle

  • The closest was pagan-topologist making the world a greener place.

    What Would You Be Willing to Die for?

  • Pagan topologist - But right now, we're the ones modifying the parts of our environment likely to cause us to change.

    Big History

  • It was from the lectures of the topologist M.H. A. (Max) Newman in that year that he learnt of Gödel's 1931 proof of the formal incompleteness of logical systems rich enough to include arithmetic, and of the outstanding problem in the foundations of mathematics as posed by H.lbert: the “Entscheidungsproblem” (decision problem).

    Alan Turing

  • A topologist is someone who imagines all objects to be made of unbreakable but very pliable playdough, and therefore does not see the need to distinguish between a coffee cup and doughnut because either can be turned into the other.


  • I stressed in my talks with her the role Stony Brook played, yet she focusses on the (single) talk Grisha gave at Princeton, listing a collection of eminent mathematicians, none of whom is a geometer/topologist.

    Quick note: Yau vs New Yorker

  • One way of thinking of these distinctions is this: any two shapes that can be transformed into each other by stretching but not tearing have the same properties as far as the topologist is concerned.

    Euclid’s Window

  • Yet the difference between a circle and an ellipse does not interest the topologist—it is only a matter of curvature.

    Euclid’s Window

  • At first Don tried to keep track of where it was taking him but the tortured convolutions of the ant hill called "New Chicago" would have made a topologist dyspeptic; he gave up.

    Between Planets


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  • Someone who studies topology.

    February 29, 2008