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  • n. a diacritic consisting of two dots ( ¨ ) placed over a letter, used among other things to indicate umlaut or diaeresis.

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  • n. A genus of apetalous plants, of the order Urticaceæ and tribe Celtideæ.
  • n. [lowercase] In anatomy:
  • n. A foramen.
  • n. The vulva.

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  • n. an evergreen tree of the family Ulmaceae that grows in tropical America and Africa and Asia


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Ancient Greek τρῆμα (trêma, "hole"), from τετραίνω (tetraínō, "perforate"), used for the dots on dice, via Dutch trema and French tréma.


  • I always need something like a "smaller than" symbol or a "trema" symbol (double dot), so I alternate.

    Spanish Keyboard

  • For example, when you are in babel's dutch language mode you can write twee "en in which" is a trema, which is not equivalent to twee\ "en, which is then (actually always) specifically an umlaut.

    Netvouz - new bookmarks

  • Probably because of that strange little trema (a French kind of umlaut or diaeresis) over the "e".

    Brooks Peters: Le Mot Juiced

  • Hallelujah for script that schizophrenically mixes upper and lower case, and for the two dot umlaut-like trema over the i, and the acute accent mark over the final e in the word naïveté, and for the proper use of the word capitol, which has but a single proper use.

    A paean to the inauguration: "Hallelujah... for being smart again. And sexy again. And optimistic again."

  • Similamente operando all 'artista ch' a l'abito dell 'arte e man che trema.

    The Complete Poems of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

  • "'Io trema' (I replied out of the same opera) -- 'Io trema -- di te!'"

    Pelham — Volume 04

  • My X-trema cookware pots -- my mom sent them to me for Christmas, and now I use them for everything; sautéing, baking, and boiling!

    Yahoo! News: Business - Opinion

  • The difference is that a trema disappears when the word is hyphenated at that specific letter, while an umlaut would stay.

    Netvouz - new bookmarks

  • The closest relative to this film would be the media-excavations of fellow Italians Quando l'occhio trema [When the eye trembles] is an explicit homage to Un Chien Andalou, but while that earlier film trades in nightmare logic and gender anxiety,

    GreenCine Daily

  • Copy from there, and what is pasted (on my machine) is a simple a without trema / umlaut.

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  • in SBC, it means "stage fright", presumably from the root meaning whence the Italian also comes.

    you are probably having an, "oh, Wordnet!" moment there

    April 26, 2010

  • Two of the citations illustrate the meaning of "trema" as a diacritical mark; the others are all examples of the Italian word "trema" (= "trembles"); and none of them refers to the botanical meaning which is the only one given here!

    April 26, 2010