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  • n. Any compound containing a I3- moiety consisting of three iodine atoms in a more or less linear configuration.
  • n. Any iodide of a trivalent element that contains three I- ions.


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tri- +‎ iodide


  • This collection of "educational" videos demonstrate a bunch of really cool, violent chemical reactions: flaming sodium and chlorine, volatile nitrogen triiodide going bang, and a cast-iron, water-filled bomb that explodes when the water inside of it is frozen with a slush of dry ice and acetone -- and much more.

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  • Fire and emergency crews have been sent to 50 Charles St. East, near the intersection of Yonge and Bloor streets, to deal with a leak of what is suspected to be nitrogen triiodide - a chemical that is extremely sensitive and explosive.

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  • There were concerns the mix of chemicals could form nitrogen triiodide, a volatile explosive compound. - Home Page

  • The most efficient electrolyte that has been found so far is based on an iodide/triiodide couple.

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  • An organic redox electrolyte to rival triiodide/iodide in dye-sensitized solar cells

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  • Although triiodide/iodide redox couples work efficiently in DSCs, they suffer from two major disadvantages: electrolytes that contain triiodide/iodide corrode electrical contacts made of silver (which reduces the options for the scale up of DSCs to module size) and triiodide partially absorbs visible light.

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  • Nature Chemistry - An organic redox electrolyte to rival triiodide/iodide in dye-sensitized solar cells Dye-sensitized solar cells (DSCs) have achieved impressive conversion efficiencies for solar energy of over 11% with an electrolyte that contains triiodide/iodide as a redox couple.

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  • L / mole using the \% deviation formula: | experimental - accepted | / | accepted | x 100\% can carbon combine with another carbon atom by four covalent bond? balanced chemical equation for nitrogen triiodide making nitrogen gas and solid iodine? en Español

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