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  • n. An optical device, consisting of one or more slits, that selects a narrow band of wavelengths from a broader spectrum.


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  • I remember my excitement when I produced helium hydride for the first time and rotated the grating of the monochromator used to record its spectrum, and there was light almost everywhere in the visible and near infrared spectral regions.

    Wolfgang Ketterle - Autobiography

  • A desired wavelength is selected by diffraction in a suitable crystal or grating, called a monochromator.

    Accelerators and Nobel Laureates

  • Light was delivered from a 300 W tungsten-halogen lamp via a monochromator (M300, Bentham, UK).

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  • Initial spectral characterization of a cell was done by using the monochromator to swiftly scan the unattenuated output of the lamp across the near-UV, blue, green and orange regions of the spectrum (wavelengths close to 350, 450, 550, and 600 nm at relative log intensities of about 0.03, 0.26, 0.85, and 0.83, respectively).

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  • Introduced in 2005, the Titan Family was the first dedicated platform for corrector and monochromator technologies, providing the ultimate in stability, performance and flexibility.

    Nano Tech Wire

  • The Titan ETEM at Stanford will also be equipped with a spherical aberration image corrector and a monochromator, permitting direct viewing and analysis of interactions between the sample and its environment at the atomic scale.

    Nano Tech Wire

  • The PL produced by the sample is collected by reflective optics, coupled to a 0. 3m monochromator, giving excellent throughput across the spectral range.


  • Pairs of images were collected every 2 seconds at alternating exposures of 340 nM and 380 nM (exposure time 70 ms) using a Polychrome V monochromator and CCD Imago camera (Till Photonics, Germany).

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  • Phase-contrast x-ray imaging was performed using 15 keV x-rays from a Si (111) monochromator.

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  • Each monochromator is fitted with continuously variable slits. all content


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