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  • n. Any member of a family (Troodontidae) of small, bird-like theropod dinosaurs with large brains, large eyes, and a retractable claw on the second toe of each hind foot, similar to a farmer's sickle, used for slashing at prey.


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  • We know that true feathers were present in oviraptorosaurs, microraptorians (which might be part of Dromaeosauridae: it depends on the phylogeny) and almost certainly troodontids (Jinfengopteryx, a luxuriantly feathered little theropod described last year as an archaeopterygid, is almost certainly a troodontid).

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  • While part of the article discussed how a life-sized model Stenonychosaurus (presently regarded as a junior synonym of Troodon) was reconstructed and made, the rest was devoted to a thought experiment in which Russell & Séguin (1982) reconstructed a hypothetical ‘evolved’ troodontid that had reached an encephalisation quotient similar to that of humans.

    Dinosauroids revisited

  • After listing the morphological changes required to turn a Cretaceous troodontid into a dinosauroid, it ends by stating that ‘given the right conditions, such changes would be quite feasible’.

    Dinosauroids revisited

  • Among the most important data on troodontid brain size was that published by Dale Russell, then of the National Museum of Natural Sciences (Ottawa), and besides publishing several key studies on troodontid anatomy and functional morphology, in 1982 he did a rather peculiar thing.

    Dinosauroids revisited

  • It bores a relatively large, sickle-shaped claw, typical of dromaeosaurid and troodontid dinosaurs.

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  • Talos was a type of troodontid, a group of dinosaurs whose anatomy suggests they were closely related to birds.

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  • Talos was neither the smallest nor largest troodontid.

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  • In fact, the analysis of melanosomes conducted by Yale team was so precise that the team was able to assign colors to individual feathers of Anchiornis huxleyi, a four-winged troodontid dinosaur that lived during the late Jurassic period in China.

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  • A photo showing the reconstruction of the plumage colour of the Jurassic troodontid Anchiornis huxleyi. Top Stories

  • The animal in question is Anchiornis huxleyi, a four-winged troodontid dinosaur that lived during the late Jurassic period in China.

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  • It's actually entered already as tro�dontid, but (for me anyway) now the o-with-umlaut is coming up funky and I figured no one would find this word.

    See borogovia.

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