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  • n. A fictional character who fits the archetype of having cold and even hostile personality towards another person before gradually showing a warm and caring side over time.
  • n. Plural form of tsundere.


Japanese. From tsun tsun (turn away in disgust) and dere dere (show affection). (Wiktionary)


  • Lynn Minmay was the last realistic female character in anime, calling her tsundere hurts SDF Macross fans. Antenna

  • I suppose her character could be called a tsundere, but it is so much more than that.

    hashihime 橋姫

  • The former is a rather fiery "tsundere" (harsh at the outset, softens later on) type, played just right, performance-wise, by Ms. Calene-Black.

    Mania News Feed

  • As we've already discussed, Ookami herself is simply the dictionary definition of "tsundere" without any further effort put into her character, and you get the feeling that most of the other major players in the series are similarly straightforward. Antenna

  • Like the definition of a 'tsundere', the definition of the harem genre has been so expanded that some anime that are not exactly harem in the truest sense of the word has been labeled as such.

    Anime Nano!

  • Many would say that Nagi (and Taiga and Shana and Louise for that matter) were just a bunch of tsundere (I still need to do my post on the uselessness of the term 'tsundere') but while I can't claim any greatness of the other two's characters, I will say that Nagi Sanzenin has some real depth.

    Anime Nano!

  • The friendly neighbourhood Animate salespeople prepare to welcome Legendary Girl A. Minorin explodes over the definition of "tsundere".

    Anime Nano!

  • Having him be all "tsundere" (running hot and cold, sarcastic on top but loving underneath)

    世論 What Japan Thinks

  • Having her be all "tsundere" (running hot and cold, sarcastic on top but loving underneath)

    世論 What Japan Thinks

  • "tsundere" fans recently, Kimi ni Todoke is not one of them.

    Forever Geek


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  • "Tsundere (ツンデレ?) (Japanese pronunciation: tsɯndeɽe) is a Japanese character development process which describes a person who is initially cold and even hostile towards another person before gradually showing their warm side over time. The word is derived from the terms Tsun Tsun (ツンツン?) , meaning to turn away in disgust, and Dere Dere (デレデレ?) meaning to become 'lovey dovey'.1 Originally found in Japanese bishōjo games, the word is now part of the otaku moe phenomenon,2 reaching into other media such as maid cafes,2 anime, manga, novels, and even mass media.citation needed The term was made popular in the game Kimi ga Nozomu Eien.1"


    October 13, 2010