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  • noun A prefix (turbo-), used in composition to designate a machine in which the motive energy is derived from a steam turbine either directly connected, or on the same revolving shaft as the element designated by the other word of the compound: as, a turbo-alternater, an alternating-current dynamo the armature of which is the prolongation of the axis of the steam turbine; a turbo-generator, a dynamo either for direct or alternating current, similarly directly driven. See cut at Curtis steam turbine.
  • noun As a substantive: A pump or ventilator in which the impeller revolves as a turbine, or as a top, and drives the fluid which it is to displace by a centrifugal or rotary action.
  • noun A direct-connected turbine-driven generator; an abbreviation of turbo-dynamo.
  • noun The typical genus of the family Turbinidæ, formerly very extensive, now restricted to species with a regularly turbinated shell, rounded aperture, smooth beveled columellar lip, and a calcareous operculum with a central or subcentral nucleus.
  • noun A shell of this genus.

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English.

  • noun (Zoöl.) Any one of numerous marine gastropods of the genus Turbo or family Turbinidæ, usually having a turbinate shell, pearly on the inside, and a calcareous operculum.

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  • noun Turbocharger.
  • noun Turbojet.
  • noun zoology turban shell


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From turbine


  • In converting 32 of his career 37 third-down receptions into first downs, Avant has dutifully paid what he calls a turbo tax.

    Columnist: Keith Groller

  • GA DNR searched for the bear but I guess the close call sent the bear back to the mountains in turbo gear!

    Twin-Cities Police Catch Cougar on Dash-Cam

  • GA DNR searched for the bear but I guess the close call sent the bear back to the mountains in turbo gear!

    Twin-Cities Police Catch Cougar on Dash-Cam

  • (The non-turbo is a little underpowered, apparently)

    new game plan

  • Its modern, turbocharged four-cylinder engine has an annoying, old-fashioned problem called turbo lag.

    Volkswagon CC's Standing Start Delay

  • The pair continued to be consistently quick as the McLaren, with its TAG turbo engine, won six races in 1985.

    Chequered Conflict

  • There was a bit of turbo lag, but the turbo is a good match for this 3,200-plus model.

    The Seattle Times

  • Not THAT Matt 9: 58PM (4/06/2010) @ Lar7789789: the turbo is a 4L straight 6, quoted as putting out 270kW


  • They will install devices called turbo expanders that generate electricity as the gas pressure is reduced.

    Environment news, comment and analysis |

  • A revised exhaust system provides a 30 percent improvement in gas flow to deal with the increased boost and engine power, and a key ingredient is the addition of a bigger turbo, which is now the same size as that of the STI.



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