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  • adj. Of, relating to, causing, or characterized by rotation, especially axial rotation.
  • n. A part or device that rotates around an axis.
  • n. Chiefly New England See traffic circle.

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  • adj. Having or being capable of having rotation.
  • n. A traffic circle.
  • n. Usually with a capital initial, short for Rotary movement, an international club for community service.

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  • adj. Turning, as a wheel on its axis; pertaining to, or resembling, the motion of a wheel on its axis; rotatory.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Rotating; turning round and round, as a wheel on its axis; having or characterized by rotation: as, rotary animalcules; rotary motion.
  • Acting or held in rotation, as officers or an office; turn-about; rotating.
  • In metal-working, a serrated rotary steel tool used on a mandrel in a lathe for operating upon a piece of metal presented to it and fed toward it on a slide-rest or other analogous movable support.
  • In wood-working: A rotary chisel-edged cutter fastened to a cutter-head, or one of a gang of cutters so attached, used to cut away superfluous wood in shaping irregular forms, as in the manufacture of hames for harness, of fellies for wagon-wheels, of curved chair-legs, etc. A solid steel tool having rotating cutting edges, in the nature of a burring-tool or router, used in carving-machines for cutting ornamental figures in intaglio. In working upon wood with rotary cutters, the cutter-head shafts or cutter-spindles are sometimes carried by movable bearings, and guided after the manner of a tracing-point or stylus in a pantograph. In other machines the bearings of the cutter-head shafts or spindles are stationary, and the work is itself guided and moved to produce the required shape or pattern. See bur, 4 , and router. Compare also shaper and shaping-machine.
  • A valve which makes complete and successive revolutions, thus alternately bringing its port or ports into continuity and discontinuity with a port or ports in its seat. This kind of valve has been but little used.
  • n. In electricity, a rotary converter.

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  • n. electrical converter consisting of a synchronous machine that converts alternating to direct current or vice versa
  • n. a road junction at which traffic streams circularly around a central island
  • adj. relating to or characterized by rotation
  • adj. describing a circle; moving in a circle


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

Medieval Latin rotārius, from Latin rota, wheel.


  • "If a liquid has not what we call rotary power both halves of the double disk appear of the same tint," he explained.

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  • The turbo-cycle rotary is an engine with a very low part count and high power density.

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  • In the original show, Smart had a built in rotary-dial telephone in his shoe that he would use to contact CONTROL.

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  • In the East Indies, and on the coast of India, these storms are known as Cyclones, because of their rotary motion -- the Greek word _Ruklos_, from which "Cyclone" is derived, meaning "_a whirl_".

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  • Indeed, Dembski often misses out the word rotary so the specificational resources to be used in the calculation would appear to depend on what mood he’s in.

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  • You can speed up the job by using a small handheld power device called a rotary tool, but it must be equipped with a special grout-removal bit.

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  • An engineer and manufacturer by profession, and a wealthy man, Wilford was another freethinker and aviation entrepreneur who bubbled with enthusiasm for the idea of rotary wing aircraft.

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  • This is because pulse (aka rotary) digits are created by causing breaks in the DC current (see Basic Telcom V).

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  • However, IITA's farming systems program has designed a very effective rolling punch planter (called a rotary injection planter, see illustration) that can be built in any workshop with welding and metal-shearing capabilities and is being manufactured by Geest Overseas Mechanization Ltd.,

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  • At this point dissensions arose in the management of the company with regard to the method of drilling, the suggestion being made that a combination drilling machinery comprising what is known as the rotary process be adopted in combination with the old cable rig style.

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