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  • noun Alternative spelling of turnaround.
  • verb transitive, intransitive, reflexive To physically rotate horizontally 360 degrees.
  • verb transitive, intransitive, reflexive To change to the opposite direction from a previous position.
  • verb transitive, intransitive, reflexive, sports To reverse the expected outcome of a game, usually from a losing position to a winning one.
  • verb transitive, business, management To reverse a trend, usually towards a more favorable outcome; to return (a business, department) to effectiveness, profitability, etc.
  • verb transitive, idiomatic, colloquial To be duplicitous.
  • verb transitive, idiomatic, of an idea To consider from a different viewpoint.
  • verb transitive, idiomatic, colloquial (often with a unit of time) To produce; to output; to generate
  • verb idiomatic, buzzword, with "180 degrees" To effect a positive reversal of a trend.
  • verb idiomatic, buzzword, with "360 degrees" To make a situation worse by trying to make it better.

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  • verb improve dramatically
  • verb improve significantly; go from bad to good
  • noun turning in an opposite direction or position
  • verb turn abruptly and face the other way, either physically or metaphorically


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