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  • n. The hunting of turtles (the reptiles).
  • n. Turning turtle.
  • n. Any slow progression or build-up.
  • n. A defensive strategy of avoiding conflict, usually in a fixed position.
  • v. Present participle of turtle.
  • n. Alternative form of turtleling.

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • n. The act, practice, or art of catching turtles.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. The act or method of catching turtles; the business of a turtler.


turtle +‎ -ing (Wiktionary)
From turtle +‎ -ling. (Wiktionary)


  • In fact the idea of turtling in Kandahar base while some new imaginary force comes into take over combat operations for us is so divorced from reality I'm not quite sure what marriage counselor can fix it.

    Answers, Please

  • It creates an immense amount of "turtling" in our corporate and industrial boardrooms around the world.

    How Technology is Changing the Way We Do Business

  • The amount of "turtling" as I call it -- just going into a shell and getting conservative; not taking the risks and doing what the dynamic market economy needs that's going on in corporate America and wherever else we touch is unbelievable.

    How Technology is Changing the Way We Do Business

  • Turtle is abundant, and the business of "turtling" forms an occupation additional to that of wrecking.

    Jack Tier

  • Calamity Trigger that would fill as the player blocked, eventually placing them in a stunned state as a deterrent from "turtling" (hiding in a corner and blocking).


  • Tom good-sportingly a little crow for having recently written about game developers stifling players '"turtling" options in real-time strategy games, but

    Gaming Nexus

  • Finally, though the Blizzard series of real time strategy games made "turtling" impossible by ensuring you had to keep expanding your base to acquire new resources, the elimination of this strategy in the Red Alert series is a design choice that I don't agree with.


  • Now in theory, when the boat falls over, the skipper (the one who had been steering and who's fault it probably was that the bloody boat fell over in the first place) or the heaviest person formerly in the boat, moves to the underside of the boat and grabs ahold of the keel to pull it down and balance the mast in order to keep the boat from rolling right over on its back (called "turtling," a fine example of which was shown off by a group of my friends later in the evening).

    Me, on a Boat

  • "turtling" will only take you so far in free-for-all, however, since your victory will depend on how many points you can earn by capturing strategic locations on the map; the more locations you capture, the more quickly you'll earn your points.

    GameSpot's News, Screenshots, Movies, Reviews, Previews, Downloads, and Features

  • In Survival there was no running around gathering supplies, no turtling up on some fortress building, no anything, just that island, those insane Irish rednecks and a mad plot that contributes nothing.

    New Posters: Toy Story 3, Prince of Persia, Sex and the City 2, The Other Guys, Nightmare on Elm Street and More | /Film


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  • In videogames, it refers to having a 100% defensive position or tactic.
    Turtling is commonly seen in Team Fortress 2, on All - Engineer teams.

    May 24, 2013