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  • adj. Not adapted

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  • adj. not having adapted to new conditions
  • adj. not changed in form or character for a purpose


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un- +‎ adapted


  • The Darwinian idea of adaptation by automatic elimination of the unadapted is a simple and clear idea.

    Evolution créatrice. English

  • There are in reality infinitely more things "unadapted" to each other in this world than there are things "adapted"; infinitely more things with irregular relations than with regular relations between them.

    The Varieties of Religious Experience

  • Hazel was reluctant to see the specially adapted house unadapted again, although the special adaptation had seemed principally to consist of putting a bed in the living room.

    Daniel Maier's World of lather

  • Making a film based on a previously unadapted book is totally different than doing a remake.

    “Clash of the Titans” 1981 vs. 2010, or CGI vs. Stop-Motion » Scene-Stealers

  • Natural selection, by contrast, exists against a backdrop of other factors, notably the historical constraints imposed by deriving genetic material from unadapted or poorly adapted to a certain “lifestyle” ancestors.

    The latest from the World of Egnor - The Panda's Thumb

  • Additionally, traditional, unadapted carols are also sung.

    Think Progress » VIDEO: “Christmas Has Nuclear Weapons”

  • I read as a child a mix of books in British English and unadapted US English vast amounts of American science fiction as well as older classics, and the Scottish side of my family used to send me The Broons and Oor Wullie Christmas annuals whose strips were heavily peppered with Scottish dialect words. THE MOST UNTRANSLATABLE WORD.

  • Under an unsophisticated culture, inartificial tastes, and an unpretending outside, lay a secret power and fire that might have informed the brain and kindled the veins of a hero; but she had no worldly wisdom; her powers were unadapted to the practical business of life: she would fail to defend her most manifest rights, to consult her most legitimate advantage.

    Wuthering Heights

  • It has been shown that it is not in their nature to move themselves, and, since nature is no wanton or random creator, clearly she will have given things which possess no movement a shape particularly unadapted to movement.

    On the Heavens

  • The ultimate failure came in mid-1996 when terrestrial bulldozers met a predictable fate in an aquatic environment to which they were singularly unadapted.

    Lake Chapala: Can Mexico's largest lake be saved?


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