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  • adj. Not amiable; not likable; having a tendency to be disliked.

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • adj. Not amiable; morose; ill-natured; repulsive.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Not amiable or lovable; not inducing love; not adapted to gain affection; repelling love or kind advances; ill-natured; repulsive.


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un- +‎ amiable


  • Such unamiable reluctance to sell advertised but one thing to him, and he was aware of a great relief when

    Too Much Gold

  • Many of these persons, notwithstanding the worship paid to the great god Mammon, and the glory reflected upon all those who seem to be his favorite, have yet so begrimed themselves in their struggle after wealth, and are naturally so unamiable, and their manners so gross, that though each one has his circle, larger or smaller, of dependants and ‘toadies,’ they find no admission for themselves into the two-year-old circle above alluded to.

    Writer Unboxed » Blog Archive » Googalicious

  • Let a woman possess but a very moderate share of personal charms, if her countenance is expressive of intellect and kind feelings, her figure buoyant with health, and her attire distinguished by a tasteful simplicity, she cannot fail to be eminently attractive, while ill health - a silly or unamiable expression, and a vulgar taste - will mar the effect of form and features the most symmetrical.

    David Shasha: Finding Jewish Feminism in a Handbook from Victorian England

  • The slough of unamiable liars, bog of stupidities, malevolent stupidities, and stupidities, the soil living pus, full of vermin, dead maggots begetting live maggots, slum owners, usurers squeezing crab-lice …

    A Revolutionary Simpleton

  • He was one of those unamiable and obstinate eccentrics which the Victorian age seemed to breed.

    She Closed Her Eyes

  • That is a very unamiable man, I think, said Patel as they left the police station.

    Poem About Never Growing Up

  • The very virtues, in the first youth, are so little regulated by reflection, that, were not watched nor aided, they run into extremes nearly as pernicious, though not so unamiable as the vices.


  • In short, such was the interest which the excited imaginations of the company took in the Misanthrope, that, notwithstanding the unamiable qualities which the word expresses, there was only one of the society who did not desire to see the specimen at their rooms, for the purpose of examining him closely and at leisure; and the ladies were particularly desirous to enquire whether he was actually a Misanthrope?

    Saint Ronan's Well

  • Thenardier pretended not to hear this unamiable remark.

    Les Miserables

  • It is a most unamiable chapter, with such assertions as “Allah leadeth into error whom He pleaseth,” etc. The Angel of Death and the King of the Children of Israel.

    The Book of The Thousand Nights And A Night


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  • "Those who have a profound indifference to the pleasures of the table are generally gloomy, charmless, and unamiable."

    - 19th century French lawyer and gastronome Lucien Tendret, as quoted (in translation) in Larousse Gastronomique

    September 24, 2009