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  • adj. Impossible to appease or satisfy: unappeasable thirst and hunger.

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  • adj. not able to be appeased or satisfied

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Not to be appeased or pacified; implacable: as, unappeasable anger.

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  • adj. not to be placated or appeased or moved by entreaty


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un- +‎ appeasable


  • The Whigs had been somewhat of the opinion that the opposition would not name a candidate for governor and they now asked with apparent wonder why there should be any opposition to Morehead, at the same time attributing it to what they called the unappeasable appetite of the Democrats for office.

    Party Politics in North Carolina, 1835-1860

  • Rather than focus solely on how to win a war or organize a revolution against an "unappeasable" enemy, as Ledeen calls Iran, our government should focus on quelling the violence in Iraq by engaging Iran in diplomacy, as the bi-partisan Baker-Hamilton Commission suggested.

    Nathan Gonzalez: Deconstructing the Mullahs

  • "This deal trade peoples' livelihoods for the votes of a few unappeasable right-wing radicals, and I will not support it," said Rep. Raul Grijalva D., Ariz., chairman of the Congressional Progressive Caucus.

    Again, Boehner Needs Votes

  • The Democrats fold to appease their unappeasable Republican enemies.

    Clancy Sigal: Wimps Don't Win

  • He went on: The mind that becomes soiled in youth can never be washed clean again; I know this by my own experience, and to this day I cherish an unappeasable bitterness against the unfaithful guardians of my young life, who not only permitted but compelled me to read an unexpurgated Bible through before I was 15 years old.

    Hugh Rawson: Mark Twain's Language: "Bad" Words Then and Now

  • Since the enemy is thought of as being totally evil and totally unappeasable, he must be totally eliminated -- if not from the world, at least from the theatre of operations to which the paranoid directs his attention.

    George Mitrovich: Liberalism's Uncertain Fate

  • It springs out of the common and unappeasable hunger, commanding that love seek love through night to day and through day to night.

    The Kempton-Wace Letters

  • All of which came to pass, Michael blissfully unappeasable until the order was filled properly.


  • Early reaction from some House Democrats was sharply negative "This deal trades people's livelihoods for the votes of a few unappeasable right-wing radicals, and I will not support it," said Arizona Democratic Rep. Raul Grijalva, co-chairman of the House Progressive Caucus.

    Tentative deal would raise debt limit by $2.4 trillion

  • There is no point in trying to appease the unappeasable.

    WH may push through health care reform without Republicans


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