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  • adj. Not sated.

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  • adj. not having been satisfied


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  • There is a touch astride the belly that feeds unsated flesh.


  • It might make you read the book in one sitting, but it also might make you feel a bit unsated afterwards.

    Genre Classics: Consider Phlebas - Iain M. Banks (Book Review)

  • His energy, his empathy, his self-indulgence, his appetites -- for food (unsated as it must be these days), for sex (maybe sated these days, maybe not), for attention, for power, for good deeds -- are all outsized.

    Michael Takiff: Bill Clinton, Still the Biggest Dog in Town

  • On the street in front of my present home, twenty thousand Yankee soldiers marched down the Old Spanish Trail in pursuit of General Alfred Mouton and his boys in butternut, their haversacks stuffed with loot, their wounds from a dozen firefights still green, their lust for revenge unsated.

    The Glass Rainbow

  • Just then, his gaze lifted, found Ava, darkened—she shivered again, knowing the passion that still lurked inside him, hungry, unsated, waiting—and then swiftly moved away, scanning the entire room in less than a heartbeat.

    Ecstasy in Darkness

  • Due to egregious tactical errors in Nov. and Dec. of the previous year, Osama bin Laden and other leaders of al-Qa'ida along with Mullah Omar and leaders of the Taliban regime had escaped east to the uncontrolled tribal areas of Pakistan's Northwest Frontier, and our erstwhile vengeance was unsated.

    Absurd Rhetoric: Violations of Common Sense

  • Did their fantasies cause them to rise throbbing and hard in the morning, unsated, vaguely ashamed, perhaps angry at the source of their dependency and desperation, perhaps ready to try an excursion into the dark side?

    Rain Gods

  • My curiosity about the film remains unsated, but this is hardly a prediction of gloom; just a minor tweak instead.

    Re-Edits: Brett Ratner Cuts Up Kites, Peter Jackson Adds More Intensity to The Lovely Bones | /Film

  • There's some Nathan Furman art from that book there, too, if you're unsated.

    princeofcairo: Putting the "Art" Into "Antarctic"

  • Their timing was off, but their irresponsible ambition seems unsated. gc_wall Says:

    Matthew Yglesias » Let’s Hope This Is False


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