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  • adj. not brought about by coercion or force

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  • adj. not brought about by coercion or force


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  • "A confession cannot fairly be called 'uncoerced' that results from the sort of calculated manipulation that appears to be present here - even if the police did not actually beat or torture the confessor, or threaten to do so," Judge Robert S. Smith wrote in a concurring opinion.

    NYT > Home Page

  • But who could argue with the natural, totally uncoerced smiles and sparkle on all of those faces?

    2009 June « Becca’s Byline

  • But the candidate state religion may also itself have doctrines that eschew entanglement with worldly power, that warn against ostentatious display of religiosity, or that hold only truly uncoerced religious observance as pleasing to God.


  • They also take direction from consortia of corporate executives who bundle their oh so legal and uncoerced donations which are not matched by compensating additions to their annual bonusses.

    Matthew Yglesias » School Lunch Or; How to Make Government Work

  • Ali Soufan, left, one of the few Arabic-speaking agents at the FBI before 9/11, was able to solicit a great deal of uncoerced information from al-Qaeda insiders.

    The Longest War

  • Getty Images/ There is another similarity between these disparities and the gender disparity that has engaged Ms. Hvistendahl's attention: They are mostly uncoerced.

    The Moral Outrage of 'Missing' Girls

  • Until the 1970s, such studies were conducted on prisoners, who are captive, compliant, stigmatised and in need of money; when concerns were raised about their ability to give meaningful and uncoerced consent, paid volunteers made a ready alternative.

    The unacceptable face of medical research

  • But the hope that the larger needs of society might coincide with the deepest, uncoerced urges of the best artists is never to be entirely extinguished.

    Geoff Dyer: What Will Survive of Us?

  • It's not until the fourth paragraph that Klein noted that Kagan is referring to the "uncoerced disappearance" of such speech [emphasis ours].

    Terry Krepel: WorldNetDaily's Aaron Klein Hurls Slime At Elena Kagan

  • "A suspect who has received and understood the Miranda warnings, and has not invoked his Miranda rights, waives the right to remain silent by making an uncoerced statement to police," said Justice Anthony Kennedy, writing for the court.

    Six and Tired


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