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  • adj. Unlimited; unrestricted.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Not curbed, in any sense of that word.

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  • adj. not restrained or controlled


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un- +‎ curbed


  • Because he had not become a boazer, he was leaving Repton uncorrupted and with his rebellious nature uncurbed.


  • Free enterprise did not bring us the current economic disaster, although free enterprise has become a favorite whipping post of many left leaning expectants of an uncurbed welfare state, and of the current administration.

    Obama's Not So Free Money

  • But sometimes, usually at night, the president became someone else -- call him "Mr. Bill" -- a doughy, needy mass of uncurbed appetites and fits of irrationality.

    The Two Mr. Clintons

  • If the American public's insatiable appetite for automobiles continues, uncurbed by any sense of responsibility, someone must, like a parent with a selfish child, at least start slapping wrists.

    The Speculist: Energy Storage: The Game Changer

  • With the whole power of the government at its back, and with a Constitution so amended as to extend the amplest protection to the new-made citizen, it left him to the inhuman mercy of men whose uncurbed passions, whose deeds of lawlessness and defiance, pale into virtues the ferocity of Cossack warfare.

    Black and White

  • The Depression was caused mainly by financial overspeculation left uncurbed by the Federal Reserve Board.

    Presiding Over Chaos

  • Why is man so feeble, and weak, that he must tramp, tramp hundreds of miles to satisfy the doubts his impatient and uncurbed mind feels?

    How I Found Livingstone

  • His temper was so fierce and so uncurbed that no native dared even to tread on his shadow.

    The Hawaiian Archipelago

  • After some reflection he decided no, not greed, just an uncurbed determination to never again be poor.

    Heaven Lake

  • Too many tendencies wrought in him uncurbed for his ideas to clothe themselves constantly in a suitable and harmonious dress.



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