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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of unconfuse.
  • adj. Not confused.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Free from confusion or disorder. Not confused or embarrassed.

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  • adj. not perplexed by conflicting situations or statements


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  • It is indeed possible, then, for the reader to emerge at the end of this passage unconfused.

    Author! Author! » 2010 » June

  • Thus, it was relevant that you can say "unfrightened" and "unconfused", suggesting that these are adjectives, but you can't say "unfeared" or "unliked", suggesting that these are participles, not adjectives.

    Archive 2010-07-01

  • Reflecting on St. John of the Cross in a series of letters collected in “Self-Abandonment to Divine Providence,” the 18th century Jesuit spiritual director Jean Pierre de Caussade wrote, all the “duties of the present moment are marked along its course, one by one they will fulfill them unconfused, unhurried … waiting always to obey the stirrings of grace as soon as they make themselves known....”

    Archive 2009-07-01

  • Okay, let me explain this in rather unconfused terms.

    Let's speak of broad overgeneralizations...

  • Indian blogsites racial profiling cultural policing do not like unconfused Muslim bloggers with deep sarcastic hurt I have seen said the top honcho of one site to me after deleting my account we love your passion your pictures your words as a poet obscene pornographic poetic pictorial thought upset matunga brahamanic hindus upperscrusted ruptured spleen trick or treat as Indian Halloween masturbative thoughts jacked off for crying out loud

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  • He was, I thought, remarkably unconfused and even-keeled was my impression.


  • If in having our ideas in the memory ready at hand consists quickness of parts; in this, of having them unconfused, and being able nicely to distinguish one thing from another, where there is but the least difference, consists, in a great measure, the exactness of judgment, and clearness of reason, which is to be observed in one man above another.

    An Essay Concerning Human Understanding

  • We need to be unconfused about behavioral cause and effect, about how happiness will ripen from constructive behavior.

    Happiness: An In-Depth Analysis of Its Role in Sutra and Tantra ��� Session Two: Recognizing the Various Levels of Happiness

  • This is because when we strengthen the factor of happiness and combine it with an understanding of voidness so that it is not disturbing and we are unconfused about the happiness we experience, then that happiness can help us to access our clear light mind.

    Happiness: An In-Depth Analysis of Its Role in Sutra and Tantra ��� Session Two: Recognizing the Various Levels of Happiness

  • This was his father seeping through, sitting home in western Pennsylvania, reading the morning paper, taking the walk in the afternoon, a man braided into sweet routine, a widower, eating the evening meal, unconfused, alive in his true skin.

    Falling Man


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