from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

  • adj. Fully and clearly expressed; leaving nothing implied.
  • adj. Fully and clearly defined or formulated: "generalizations that are powerful, precise, and explicit” ( Frederick Turner).
  • adj. Forthright and unreserved in expression: They were explicit in their criticism.
  • adj. Readily observable: an explicit sign of trouble.
  • adj. Describing or portraying nudity or sexual activity in graphic detail.

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  • adj. Very specific, clear, or detailed.
  • adj. Containing material (e.g. language or film footage) that might be deemed offensive or graphic.

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  • A word formerly used (as finis is now) at the conclusion of a book to indicate the end.
  • adj. Not implied merely, or conveyed by implication; distinctly stated; plain in language; open to the understanding; clear; not obscure or ambiguous; express; unequivocal. Opposite of implicit.
  • adj. Having no disguised meaning or reservation; unreserved; outspoken; -- applied to persons.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Open to the understanding; express; clear; not obscure or ambiguous: opposed to implicit: as, explicit instructions.
  • Plain; open; unreserved; having no disguised meaning or reservation; outspoken: applied to persons: as, he was explicit in his terms.
  • It is finished or completed: a word formerly inserted at the conclusion of a book, in the same way as finis. See etymology.
  • n. The concluding words of a book or section of a book. See the quotation under incipit.

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  • adj. precisely and clearly expressed or readily observable; leaving nothing to implication
  • adj. in accordance with fact or the primary meaning of a term


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

Latin explicitus, past participle of explicāre, to unfold; see explicate.

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First attested 1609, from French explicite, from Latin explicitus ("disentangled", "easy"), an alternative form of the past participle of explicāre ("to unfold"), from ex- ("out") + plicō ("to fold"). Pornographic sense is from 1971.


  • 2. I am using the term explicit memory here to refer to both explicit memory that governs our ability to remember and work with information in the short term (what I refer to as working memory) and explicit long-term memory that is often divided into semantic memory (our memory for particular facts, such as “dogs often bark”) and episodic memory (our memory for autobiographical experiences, such as “the first time you met your spouse”).


  • Charles Jencks, the author of The Iconic Building, describes architectural icons as delicate balancing acts between what he calls explicit signs and implicit symbols, that is, between memorable forms and the images they conjure up.

    Makeshift Metropolis

  • Out of print, it still circulated steadily among readers increasingly aware of the intensifying strategic alliance between the Republican Party and millions of those I term explicit American Religionists.

    "I know of no larger indictment of the world's descent into subliteracy."

  • Perhaps more than anything else the late British-American historian wrote, that could have been his credo - his work, especially toward the end of his career, was marked by an almost activist concern for morality, what he called an "explicit ethical engagement."


  • The Parents Television Council is protesting what they term an "explicit" performance by pop artists Rihanna and Britney Spears on Sunday night's broadcast of the...

    The Full Feed from

  • To think that a book series, written by a literature graduate from Brigham Young University and a Mormon could in any way be interpreted as evil, satanic, or sexually explicit is ludacrous.

    Twilight Lexicon » Twilight Saga on Challenged Book List

  • Decades of Ricks's own journal entries - writings that describe in explicit detail his carefully plotted courtship of boys - have provided authorities with a road map.

    Former Manassas teacher sentenced to year in jail on sex abuse case

  • To make it explicit is to make the absurdity explicit at the same time: This would be the confused reasoning of someone who has superficially accepted that the mind is the brain, but is still simultaneously clinging to the dualist gap between them.

    A Coda on Free Will

  • The laws regarding child pornography are clear — possession of any depiction of a person under age of 18 engaged in explicit sexual activity is a felony.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Judging a Person Based on a Single Forwarded Personal E-Mail

  • How explicit is the GOP in using web sites that their base does like Free Republic, Malkin, Atlas Juggs or Stormfront?

    Matthew Yglesias » Organizing Your People


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