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  • adj. disconnected from something that it should be, or is normally coupled to

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • In organ-playing. separated or disjoined; not united by means of a coupler: said of keyboards. See organ, 6.
  • Not coupled; not fastened to a couple or with couplings.
  • Not wedded; single.
  • In heraldry, same as découplé.

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  • adj. having the coupling undone


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  • Fears that the world economy has uncoupled from the US and that we aren't the biggest game in town anymore may prove to be unfounded, says the NY Times:

    Archive 2008-01-01

  • The result was a rapid increase in interest payments on the debt, and therefore in the deficit; an increase in unemployment, which became uncoupled from the U.S. rate for the first time; and low growth.

    low confidence

  • Wilder and Hindemith hoped to collaborate again on a companion piece — Wilder's comedy Pullman Car Hiawatha — but the composer's death in 1963 ended these plans, and the operatic Long Christmas Dinner was left stranded in the limbo where so many worthy "uncoupled" one-act operas languish.

    Another Wilder Opera

  • Primary products "uncoupled" from industrial economy:

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  • FOREX Transactions - US$ 35 trillion p.a. Production become "uncoupled" from employment:

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  • If China proves not to be 'uncoupled' from the downturn in the US and its growth slows significantly, Australia will almost certainly be plunged into recession.

    New Statesman

  • Weinberg had uncovered this magical new lease on life because he'd uncoupled his identity from the job, the initial skill of life intelligence -- a set of traits and talents I detail in the book that vault you out of the life postponement rut.

    Joe Robinson: Overwork S.O.S.: Increase Your 'Worth Ethic' and Save Your Health

  • For example, a particular ocean model might be used uncoupled by a large community, and also be integrated into several different coupled climate models at different labs.

    2010 March 24 | Serendipity

  • While the core of a GCM is usually the atmosphere model, GCMs can be coupled to three dimensional ocean models, or run uncoupled, so that you can have A-GCMs (atmosphere only), and AO-GCMs (atmosphere and ocean).

    2009 June 24 | Serendipity

  • We'll never have universal dignity and respect for individuals in our world until safety and well-being are uncoupled from income and class.

    Dangling on Friday


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  • Also past and perfect of the verb 'to uncouple'.

    November 24, 2011