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  • adj. Not deciphered.

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  • adj. not deciphered


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un- +‎ deciphered


  • Malone's assistant let me know, what I had meanwhile verified at the Library of Congress, that what was read to me as "undeciphered" in the transcript at Malone's office was not indecipherable in the original, but only an obvious abbreviation ( "sbpa").

    Executive Privilege: Jefferson & Burr & Nixon & Ehrlichman

  • Knowing nothing else about this undeciphered language and believe me, no one really knows much on this language unfortunately, it should be understood that 90% of world languages are either SOV or SVO1.

    Prefixes in Minoan

  • This is a fact, not an assumption - the assumption part is that this undeciphered Cretan language and Etruscan are related.

    An online Etruscan Dictionary has arrived

  • My casual brainstorming on the meaning of the as-yet undeciphered term a-ra-tu-me is fundamentally no lesser nor greater than Miguel Valério's book-published hypothesis that du-pu3-re signifies 'master' based on its idle phonetic similarity to Hittite tabarna- which he must assume a priori to mean 'ruler' to make stick.

    Archive 2009-12-01

  • There are occasionally good discussions about our many undeciphered scripts Linear A, Cretan Hieroglyphics, Cypro-Minoan, not to mention the Phaistos Disk and other fun scraps.

    An Ancient Egyptian boardgame to appease readers

  • Still, if you want to talk about our undeciphered scripts, AegeaNet is the right place to be.

    An Ancient Egyptian boardgame to appease readers

  • On the Lemnos Stele, an as-yet undeciphered phrase is inscribed: aker tavarśiu vanalasial śerunai murinail.

    Nouns modifying nouns in Etruscan and related languages

  • For Evans, the Minoans were emphatically not pure Greek, and he would have been irritated to learn that the "Linear B" tablets, which he excavated at Knossos (and which remained undeciphered in his lifetime), were actually written in an early form of the Greek language.

    Knossos: Fakes, Facts, and Mystery

  • We agree that the genome of a higher organism consists of two parts, a smaller part which is fully deciphered, consisting of genes, and a larger part which is undeciphered.

    The Mysterious Genome

  • Visitors may recognize other hallmark Minoan artifacts in the show: clay tablets inscribed with the still-undeciphered Linear A writing, a bull's head rhyton carved from chlorite with gilded horns, and the "Chieftain's Cup," a carved steatite conical cup with processional scene (see photo gallery).

    Minoans in Manhattan


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