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  • n. A data-processing error arising when the absolute value of a computed quantity is smaller than the limits of precision of the computing device, retaining at least one significant digit.

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  • n. A condition in which the value of a computed quantity is smaller than the smallest non-zero value that can be physically stored; usually treated as an error condition
  • n. The error condition that results from an attempt to retrieve an item from an empty stack

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  • n. The water which is now known to be often in transit beneath the apparently dry gravels of rivers in arid districts, such as the southwestern United States.
  • n. A current flowing beneath the surface, or not in the same direction with the surface-current, over a certain region; an undercurrent: the opposite of surface-flow or surface-current.


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under- +‎ flow, modelled on overflow.


  • The Arkansas River was always the primary source of water for both the North and South Side systems, although the North Side briefly flirted with using the 'underflow' of Fountain Creek.

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  • Because I know that on the surface it runs directionally, but on the underflow, doesn't it travel further south from the U.S. toward the Caribbean nation?

    Assessing The BP Spill's Impact

  • Make no mistake of it, we are in for a turbulent ride down a waterfall, and at the bottom is death by drowning in the underflow and hydraulic suction seen only a few times throughout HisStory.

    On Thursday, the Legg report will be published along with...

  • There was a problem in awk once, that Bell Labs room numbers like 1E-230 would cause a floating point underflow.

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  • If one leaves the data that way and carries all operations using integers, there is no risk of loss of precision or overflow or underflow assuming 32-bit signed integers.

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  • On the small and medium scale, recharge is predominantly performed from infiltration ditches, ponds and basins, retention of river underflow (using sub-surface dams), and through the retention of river floodwater.

    Chapter 5

  • An impervious layer makes a good foundation for the spring box, and provides a better surface for a seal against underflow.

    1.1 The role and purpose of irrigation

  • In the investigation into the stability of fixed weirs and other structures subject to underflow, proof of safety with regard to sliding and hydraulic shear failure must be given.

    4. Necessary proofs of stability

  • In the case of structures subject to underflow, hydraulic shear failure can result wherever there are buoyant forces at the end of the foundation due to the seepage flow from the headwater to the tail water (cf.Fig. 42).

    4. Necessary proofs of stability

  • For the weir subject to underflow represented in Fig. 1, the stability against sliding is to be determined.

    Chapter 9


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  • Ye olde bit box slang for a call to a empty buffer.

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