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  • noun Greek Mythology A god of the sea, son of Poseidon and Amphitrite, portrayed as having the head and trunk of a man and the tail of a fish.
  • noun A satellite of Neptune.

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  • noun In Greek and Latin mythology, a son of Poseidon and Amphitrite, who dwelt with his father and mother in a golden palace on the bottom of the sea, and was a gigantic and redoubtable divinity.
  • noun In heraldry, a bearded man with a fish's tail, and usually holding a trident. Also called merman and Neptune.
  • noun In conchology: A genus of gastropods, giving name to the Tritonidæ; the tritons, conchs, trumpet-shells, or sea-trumpets.
  • noun A member of this genus or family.
  • noun In herpetology: An extensive genus of newts, efts, or salamanders, named by Laurenti in 1768, since variously applied or divided into several others.
  • noun A newt or salamander of this genus or a related form.

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  • noun (Gr. Myth.) A fabled sea demigod, the son of Neptune and Amphitrite, and the trumpeter of Neptune. He is represented by poets and painters as having the upper part of his body like that of a man, and the lower part like that of a fish. He often has a trumpet made of a shell.
  • noun (Zoöl.) Any one of many species of marine gastropods belonging to Triton and allied genera, having a stout spiral shell, often handsomely colored and ornamented with prominent varices. Some of the species are among the largest of all gastropods. Called also trumpet shell, and sea trumpet.
  • noun (Zoöl.) Any one of numerous species of aquatic salamanders. The common European species are Hemisalamandra cristata, Molge palmata, and Molge alpestris, a red-bellied species common in Switzerland. The most common species of the United States is Diemyctylus viridescens. See Illust. under Salamander.

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  • proper noun Greek mythology A god of the sea, son of Poseidon.
  • proper noun astronomy The seventh moon of Neptune.

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  • noun (Greek mythology) a sea god; son of Poseidon
  • noun the largest moon of Neptune
  • noun tropical marine gastropods having beautifully colored spiral shells
  • noun small usually bright-colored semiaquatic salamanders of North America and Europe and northern Asia


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[Latin Trītōn, from Greek.]

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From Ancient Greek Τρίτων.


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  • A torrent not vfery large, which they call Triton, flows here: and they fay it was thus denominated, becaufe Mi-* nerva was educated near the river Triton; juft as if this torrent was the river Triton, and not that which, pro - ceeding from the marfh Tritonis in Africa, pours ttfi; tf into the Lybian fea.

    The Description of Greece 1794

  • Triton is only three and plays with so much energy.

    Old dog, moving away 2006

  • Certification – Triton is certified by the Rainforest Alliance which has very stringent rules for underwater logging/salvage operations.


  • Associated Press has details about this next generation IM software, called Triton, which is expected to be released by year end.

    AOL’s VoIP-Video Enabled IM 2005

  • I'll definitely be reading "Triton"--it's mentioned over and over again in the histories of the field.

    Classics Canon Karen Burnham 2010

  • The Hotel Triton is located at 342 Grant Avenue between Sutter and Bush.

    PARK(ing) Day is THIS THURSDAY – September 21, 2006! | Inhabitat 2006

  • Hanvon Technology E Ink's color display for e-readers Consumer Electronics E Ink Holdings Inc. of Cambridge, Mass., whose pioneering electronic-paper technology is used in Inc.'s Kindle and Barnes & Noble Inc.'s Nook e-readers, won in this category for a new color e-paper display called Triton.

    And the Rest of the Winners Are... Michael Totty 2011

  • Pluto, though now classified as "not a planet" has nothing except that in common with Triton, which is a moon.

    "I’m a religious fanatic just like you." Ann Althouse 2007

  • That study, called Triton, looked at 13,608 patients who began treatment at a 60-milligram dose followed by 10-milligram maintenance doses.

    Lilly Suspends Two Studies 2007

  • Of course, according to Tolland, the only unpleasant part of riding in the Triton was the initial deployment – being slowly winched down through the trap door in the Goya's deck, hanging like a pendulum thirty feet above the sea.

    Deception Point Brown, Dan, 1964- 2001


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  • A motorcycle made with parts from Triumph and Norton, two vintage British motorcycle brands.

    September 30, 2015