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  • adj. Considered unworthy of reward.

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  • Not deserving; not having merit.
  • Not meriting: with of: as, a man undeserving of happiness or of punishment.

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  • adj. not deserving


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un- + deserving


  • Funny - the word "undeserving" wasn't mentioned when both parties rescued Wall Street's megabanks.

    Richard (RJ) Eskow: Killing Us Softly

  • Yasin has also written about being overlooked twice and what he calls undeserving people being rewarded instead.

    NDTV News - Top Stories

  • Would we consider some -- whom we may have written off in the past as "undeserving" -- worthy of our collective empathy?

    Phillip Martin: Are You Worthy? It's Time to Question Meritocracy

  • TAX AND SPENDPlay Now, Pay LaterFOR MOST OF THE PAST TWO DECADES, American politics have been driven to the fight by a crude but powerful assumption: that those "tax and spend" Democrats have been taking away the taxpayers 'hard-earned money and giving it to "them" - the so-called undeserving poor.

    Goodbye Welfare State

  • It goes beyond the idea of an 'undeserving rich'...certain segments of the so-called undeserving rich are the actual cause of the crisis wee are in...

    The Guardian World News

  • The GOP has used the idea of "undeserving" people getting something from the hard work of others from President Reagan's time if not before. Top headlines

  • These wait on you, to thank you for the honour you have done a person, equally unknown as undeserving, in your valuable present, which I did not receive till several weeks after it was sent: and since I received it, my eyes have been so bad, and my hand so unstable, that I have been forced to defer my duty, as desirous to thank you with my own hand.

    The Works of Samuel Johnson, Volume 05 Miscellaneous Pieces

  • They claim that struggling homeowners are "undeserving" of help, even if the other party in their transaction has broken the law or violated a contract.

    Richard (RJ) Eskow: Foreclosures and Guilt: The "Home Loan Moral Hazard Scorecard"

  • They are scared stiff that some "undeserving" poor person might benefit from their hard-earned money.

    Obama: Canadian health care model won't work in U.S.

  • It is easy for those who have never experienced these problems to apportion the "undeserving" tag to drug users, but a failure to understand the starting point for addiction means that policies that spoon-feed attractive soundbites to Middle England about getting all addicts off drugs are unlikely to translate into successful outcomes for users.

    Not just junkies: the stigmatising of drug addicts


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