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  • adj. Not supported by written evidence: undocumented income tax deductions; undocumented accusations.
  • adj. Not having the needed documents, as for permission to live or work in a foreign country.
  • n. A person not having proper documentation, especially for immigration.

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  • adj. not having the documents to support a claim
  • adj. not having official documentation required to enter, live or work in a country

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  • adj. lacking necessary documents (as for e.g. permission to live or work in a country)


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  • Alan in Rhode Island said, "I cannot believe it when someone prefers the term undocumented workers over illegal aliens, perhaps if someone broke into their home, they would prefer the term, keyless entry over breaking and entering."

    CNN Transcript Feb 4, 2008

  • Hundreds of thousands pour into the streets, demanding respect and rights for what they call undocumented workers.

    CNN Transcript Dec 31, 2006

  • Angle's ad doesn't mention that it would also allow certain undocumented immigrant youth who were brought to the U.S. by their parents at a young age to eventually obtain legal permanent status by enlisting in the military or attending a university.

    Sharron Angle Ad Uses Threat Of Creeping Brown People To Drive Racial Wedge (VIDEO)

  • A few simple questions Mr. Maher: Why is it that in this era, is it appropriate to make false statements, often geared to promote hate and scorn, merely because one is referring to undocumented individuals?

    Ediberto Roman: Come on Bill Maher! Isn't it Time to Get Real?

  • DOBBS: And the idea that they're going to be tough on people who forge on documentation -- you know, as I've been saying here on this broadcast for years, I don't use the expression undocumented immigrant, because there's nothing undocumented about these folks.

    CNN Transcript Apr 16, 2008

  • On page A2, this headline, "The Journal's" headline, "Mortgages for Undocumented Workers Fade Away" and on page A3, the headline was "Illegal Immigrants, Mortgage Hopes dim", a startling difference in the labels there between the phrase undocumented workers favored by the amnesty lobby, and the phrase illegal immigrants.

    CNN Transcript Oct 22, 2008

  • Halliburton is now involved in undocumented/illegal worker exploitation in NOrleans.

    Think Progress » More trouble for Halliburton.

  • That's right, every time you call undocumented workers illegal aliens you inflame the flammable and make matters worse.

    CNN Transcript Aug 22, 2006

  • GREENFIELD (voice-over): Consider the phrase undocumented workers.

    CNN Transcript Apr 13, 2006

  • Rick Perry also came under fire for supporting in-state college tuition for the children of long-term undocumented residents in Texas. outdated policies that haven't changed since 1990.

    The Full Feed from


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