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  • adj. Lacking a sense of duty.
  • adj. Unreliable or disobedient.

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  • adj. Not dutiful.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Not dutiful.
  • Not characterized by a sense of duty or obedience; rebellious; irreverent.

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  • adj. lacking due respect or dutifulness


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  • Either in combat or out, in any situation where a majority of militarily-trained Americans become undutiful, that is sufficient reason for higher authority to resurvey its own judgments, disciplines and line of action.

    The Armed Forces Officer Department of the Army Pamphlet 600-2

  • There is no reason why a daughter should be called "undutiful" or "selfish" who is absorbed in her own work than why a son should be so esteemed when there is no special reason why other members of the family should hold that daughter's time and effort at their disposal.

    The Family and it's Members

  • -- At first he will start; then grow angry; then be in a passion -- In his passion he will call me "undutiful:" but he will soon recollect himself, and resume his usual smiles, saying "Well, well, if he love you, and you love him, in the name of heaven, let it be."

    Lover's Vows

  • But Barber manages to shrug the portrayals off as merely 'undutiful'.

    Home | Mail Online

  • Had there been any scandal in the dead man's family, or had his sons been wild or undutiful, then there might have been a glimmering of reason in this most unusual action; but Eben Hale's domestic happiness had been proverbial in the community, and one would have to travel far and wide to discover a cleaner, saner, wholesomer progeny of sons and daughters.

    The Minions of Midas

  • In this book she takes us along on that emotionally tumultuous journey from the moment doubt morphed into her defection from the "childlike" womb of Islam to her nagging guilt as an undutiful daughter; from her giddy intoxication with newfound liberty to the fear for her safety and the loneliness of her freedom "The world outside the clan is rough, and you are alone in it," her grandmother had warned her.

    Nathan Gardels: The Good Faith of an Infidel: Examining Ayaan Hirsi Ali's Nomad

  • A critic to whom the hidden life of the soul is of less importance than those relations of one person to another that grow in importance as life becomes crowded would find it hard to sympathise with so undutiful a daughter.

    Later Articles and Reviews

  • I persuaded myself the whole was so complete a portrait of the man, that it would not have been a more undutiful act to have defaced his picture, or even to have disturbed his bones in his coffin, than to destroy his manuscript.

    Chronicles of the Canongate

  • He had reason also for fear in regard to myself; for anyone else, even if like myself he had been above coveting the inheritance, would gladly have seen so undutiful a step-son punished.

    The Defense

  • Hitherto, though no stranger to sorrow, which the sickness and early loss of her friends had first taught her to feel, and which the subsequent anxiety of her own heart had since instructed her to bear, she had yet invariably possessed the consolation of self-approving reflections: but the step she was now about to take, all her principles opposed; it terrified her as undutiful, it shocked her as clandestine, and scarce was



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