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  • adj. Not impeached.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Not impeached; not charged or accused.
  • Not called in question; not objected to or criticized: as, testimony unimpeached.


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un- +‎ impeached


  • But Bush will likely serve out his term unimpeached and get his hagiographic library.

    David Berreby: A Tale of Two Disciples

  • It is equally unacceptable to allow Bush to finish out his term unimpeached, thus effectively sanctioning his abuses of power, his violation of the laws of the land, and his trashing of the Constitution for continuation by whoever replaces him in 2009.

    158 Democrats Gone, and Counting (Take That You Weasels)!

  • That he will take that course is certain; but the tactics of his opponent remain unimpeached.

    The War in America

  • So smoothly does he do this that he is never exposed and his reputation remains unimpeached.

    Morality is more about what you should do than what you actually do « Anglican Samizdat

  • We will wonder aloud 4 years from now if Obama has actually done something positive for the ordinary people and is still alive unimpeached and untarnished by a sex scandal orother trivia

    The World Breathes a Sigh of Relief as America's Light Goes Back On

  • “And do you know all this,” said Count Robert, “and permit this man to go unimpeached?”

    Count Robert of Paris

  • Come November, the war will still be there, the executive department criminals unimpeached (though definitely not unimpeachable), the inequities of the tax system will be more obvious and better understood, and we are likely to be in the tank economically.

    Slay That Green Dragon

  • Failure to do so, and allowing this administration to leave office unimpeached, would send the opposite message: that Congress is no longer a co-equal branch of government, but is merely a consultative body, at best, and that a president is in effect a dictator.

    Impeachment Hearing in the House: A Victory of Sorts, and a Challenge

  • She was guilty of no vices, but utterly careless of appearances, and though her character was wholly unimpeached, she had offended or frightened almost all the county around, by a wilful strangeness of behaviour, resulting from an undaunted determination to follow in every thing the bent of her own humour.


  • Our current President has done so much more damage to our nation than Bill Clinton and he remains unimpeached.

    Charles Karel Bouley: Pardon Me?


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