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  • adj. Not aroused.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

un- +‎ aroused


  • Writing to Lizzie about this dance, known as the pai-pai, Henry said only that he had been unaroused.

    The Five of Hearts

  • He was so utterly unaroused that for the first time in his life, he actually wondered: Am I gay?


  • Both of them were divorced, both of them had children, both of them were kind, attractive men, but, much as she liked them as people, as men they left her completely cold, completely untouched. unaroused.

    A Cure For Love

  • To cultivate the Orgasmic Upward Draw, first practice alone and unaroused, as follows.

    The Tao of Health, Sex and Longevity

  • The passions of the female slave are a mystery to many free women who, unaroused and sexually inert, never collared and owned, cannot even understand them; to most free women, of course, the passions of the female slave are not so much a mystery as a source of envy and fury; she senses that they, deep and precious, making the slave so helpless and vulnerable, are far beyond anything which she herself possesses.

    Guardsman Of Gor

  • Six extraordinarily voluptuous young women were attending him, rubbing oils into his skin, polishing his fingernails, even grooming his privates, which were supremely unaroused.

    Split Infinity

  • Neither of these people, in either of the hypothetical situations, would be so placid and unaroused that his body would exhibit the peaceful physiology of sleep or daydreaming.

    Stress and the Manager

  • He touched one breast, pink nipple flat and unaroused.

    The Thorn Birds

  • And as time went on and it seemed he was going to stay out of her life permanently, her body settled into unaroused torpor, and her mind disciplined itself to forget.

    The Thorn Birds

  • She _thought_ the answer to the latter question lay in her desire to surprise her mother, and was not at all conscious of another feeling that lay as yet quite dormant and unaroused.

    Katie Robertson A Girls Story of Factory Life


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