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  • adj. Not reckoned; not counted or measured.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Not reckoned, computed, counted, or summed up.


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un- +‎ reckoned


  • That he would deal with them for the mischief they had done: "Seek out his wickedness; let that be all brought to light which he thought should for ever lie undiscovered; let that be all brought to account which he thought should for ever go unpunished; bring it out till thou find none, that is, till none of his evil deeds remain unreckoned for, none of his evil designs undefeated, and none of his partisans undestroyed."

    Commentary on the Whole Bible Volume III (Job to Song of Solomon)

  • Jejune pygmy. theirs decivilize bodily an unreckoned aquamarine amid than despite Credit card beyond providing seeing till beside bribe.


  • Being the one bona fide casualty of reverse oedipal complex, the same complexion inflicted on all of Herbert's casualties, but Dumbo could never reckon it that way; indeed, in that sociopathology, forward and reverse are the same thing, unreckoned either way, unknown another way.

    High Doses of Gravel, Richardson, Obama and Edwards at TBA

  • He lifted his hands to the skies and sounded a long weird call that seemed to shudder endlessly out into space, dwindling and fading, yet never dying out, only receding farther and farther into some unreckoned cosmos.

    Wings in the Night

  • But how much more on a winter night, when the moon is away below the sea, and weary waters roll unseen from a vast profundity of gloom, fall unreckoned, and are no more than a wistful moan, as man is!


  • And of all the unreckoned waves advancing, lifting their fugitive crests, and roaring, there certainly was not one that fell with weight so futile as his own.


  • She had seen again and again the misery of girls with an unreckoned child, and again and again she had seen the septicaemia, the protracted poisoned deaths of girls who underwent the lethal curettage of crochet hooks and wires.

    Captain Corelli's Mandolin

  • Major Raphael Moses, Longstreet's corps commissary, learned of the dangerous depletion of the reserve rations of the troops in Virginia at the same time he ascertained there were tons of bacon and unreckoned barrels of fish in the counties east of the Chowan River.


  • Ben Lily was reputed to be an exceptional shot, exceptional enough to have killed more than two thousand bears and an unreckoned number of mountain lions.

    The Lonesome Dove Series

  • For an unreckoned time, I sheltered against the desk.

    A Rude Awakening


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