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  • adj. Designed for or suitable to both sexes: unisex clothing; unisex hairstyles.
  • adj. Not distinguished or distinguishable on the basis of sex; androgynous in appearance: cultivated a unisex look.
  • n. Elimination or absence of sexual distinctions, especially in dress.

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  • adj. Designed to be suitable to both sexes.
  • adj. Not distinguished on the basis of sex.

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  • adj. not distinguished on the basis of sex


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  • The prefix uni- often means "characterized by one thing," but in this word and in the word unisex it is more like "both."

    Week in Words

  • As a so-called unisex scent, this blatant ‘shock-value’ name fails on two levels.

    Archive 2009-03-01

  • And its about the only one which can be classified as a unisex white flower fragrance!

    White Floral Queen, Part One – Frederic Malle Carnal Flower

  • Today he was wearing what I sort of called a unisex wig that sort of had remnants or reminders of a bit of Austin Powers, maybe when Austin Powers gets to be around 70 years old, sort of a pageboy blondish blond wig, that ` s how I would best describe it.

    CNN Transcript Apr 25, 2007

  • The 1970s vogue for what was rather unsexily termed "unisex" styles matching big hair and top-to-toe denim was actually the realisation of the 1960s civil rights dream of equality.

    The Independent - Frontpage RSS Feed

  • "It seems like we are about the last state of all 50 holding onto this so-called unisex insurance provision," said Sen. Gary Perry, R-Manhattan.

  • The reason that scent was such a hit wasn't the campaign or that the idea of unisex scents were so new, but that the scent was the right one at the right time: bright bergamot, sparkling hedione and a skin-musk drydown as addictive as crack.

    Perfume-Smellin' Things Perfume Blog

  • The newspaper reports that Walters and partner Bill Geddie are "quietly developing a 'unisex' spinoff of 'The View' that will attempt to inject a male perspective into the topics of the day."

    'The View' For Men? Barbara Walters Eyes Bryant Gumbel Panel Show

  • The loosening up of clothing for women in the 1970s, begun by "unisex" fashions and kicked into high gear by feminists and Lesbians, occurred not from women who tried to dress "like men" but by women who pointedly said "I'm dressing like a woman, this is how women dress" as they rejected the boxes.


  • The solution was to turn some of the men's bathrooms into "unisex" bathrooms.

    Gender Part 1: Boys Don't Cry


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