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  • adj. comparative form of unkind: more unkind


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  • Some will say I'm an alarmist, leftist, anti-technology and then proceed to unkinder labels.

    Rajiv Naresh: Meme Wars and the Death of the Underground

  • If you want to look like an error-riddled merchant (in the kindest interpretation) or a merchant who tries to sell things that don't exist to the gullible (in the unkinder one), that's your business.

    msagara: Amazon listing, part 2

  • So Mrs. Eppingwell's thoughts of Freda were unkinder than ever.

    Jack London Play:The Scorn of Women

  • In my unkinder moments, I suspect that it's all just an excuse for another cool font on the gawker banner chain.

    What's Your Opinion of io9?

  • An unkinder soul than Cairne might have mentally amended, And make sure everyone knows that Garrosh Hellscream was responsible for the victory.

    The Shattering

  • "No thank you," Putin said, in much more unkinder words.

    The Noose Around Our Necks

  • She had heard her husband laugh away much unkinder remarks than this.

    Australia Felix

  • AMANPOUR: You are aware, obviously, that some of your unkinder critics here at home have accused you of being too much in the -- doing the bidding of the United States.

    CNN Transcript Sep 2, 2002

  • Although it sounded like one of the engineer's unkinder wisecracks, it had been made entirely without malice -- indeed, with sympathy; though not, of course, in Chandra's hearing.

    2010 Odyssey Two

  • District of Columbia, like the fickle April in unkinder latitudes: smile and scowl.

    The Lincoln Story Book


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