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  • n. The separation of the features of a segment (such as a nasal vowel or palatal consonant) into distinct segments; for example, the separation of a nasal vowel such as /ɑ̃/ into a vowel /ɑ/ and a nasal consonant /n/ (i.e., into /ɑn/) which often occurs when a language which does not use nasal vowels borrows from a language which does use them.
  • n. The act by which something is unpacked.
  • v. Present participle of unpack.


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  • What might need more unpacking is wether he believes religion may be a necessary evil for some or most people (Hello Straussians!) and if merely accepting a religious doctrine, independent of any social power strucuture (like becoming a Bhuddist, for instance) is just as sure a road to ruin, since Bhuddism tends to have a rather firm social justice component even though it has no mythology or heirarchy.

    Matthew Yglesias » Beck vs Social Justice

  • The Day Job just got particularly intense, I'm still unpacking from the move, and I'm trying to get my greenhouse and outside growing areas set up for a television interview at the end of the month.

    "...moments before its skies rained down on me."

  • It was easy to make with 3 children underfoot, few items to cook, and still unpacking from a move!

    flour tortillas | Homesick Texan

  • He had nothing to tell me (I am giving the story as I heard it from him) about what passed at supper, and the evening, which was spent in unpacking and arranging his clothes, books, and papers, was not more eventful.

    Number 13 by M. R. James | Solar Flare: Science Fiction News

  • She had, besides, a pleasant morning's occupation before her, in unpacking her three trunks and arranging her wardrobe and her possessions, which were all upon the most liberal scale, for Major Warfield at every city where they had stopped had given his poor little protégée a virtual carte blanche for purchases, having said to her:

    The Hidden Hand

  • You have got enough to do to-day in unpacking boxes.

    The Old Helmet

  • So finally I resorted to reading the file into a string, doing a string search for '\x9d\xe3', rejecting matches that weren't appropriately aligned, then unpacking and comparing the code words from the point of the string match.

    Planet Debian

  • Never worn, but i lost the tag unpacking it ... but still have the box though.

    superfuture :: supertalk

  • A more structured kind of unpacking, which isn't possible in Python as far as I know, is also possible. for each (let {name: n, family: {father: f}} in people) {document. write ( "Name:" + n + ", Father:" + f + "\n");}

    Planet Python

  • TPM’s doing a bangup job of this, and I’d suggest anyone interested in unpacking this take a look through their analysis.

    Waldo Jaquith - McCain’s confusion sparks an international incident.


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