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  • adj. Not painted

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  • adj. not having a coat of paint or badly in need of a fresh coat
  • adj. not having makeup on


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  • The human-scale dimensions of low, unpainted buildings and houses made of natural materials surrounded by gardens and narrow pathways created an otherworldly atmosphere.

    Made in Japan - 2

  • The show's signature image is of a marvelously carved, unpainted 40-inch-high palanquin—a partly open sedan-chair on carrying poles—designed to bear aloft a divinely inhabited figure in processions.

    Island Art, and All That Comes With It

  • The third was something I would never wear out in public because it is a vastly unflattering color for custardy-colored me, but for sleeping and working out it doesn't matter much: it's the color of unpainted canvas.

    Barnstorming on an Invisible Segway

  • Charlie was seated behind his desk, an unpainted door held up on one end by a sawhorse and the other by a chipped file cabinet.

    Three Stages of Amazement

  • Years afterward, when the open-grazing days were over, and the red grass had been ploughed under and under until it had almost disappeared from the prairie; when all the fields were under fence, and the roads no longer ran about like wild things, but followed the surveyed section-lines, Mr. Shimerda's grave was still there, with a sagging wire fence around it, and an unpainted wooden cross.

    The propitiatory intent

  • Rob would gently suggest that they could always be painted but they could not be unpainted, 'so let's try it with a clear finish and see.'

    A riverfront retreat, built with the long view

  • Anyone else remember tan braided line, thin bamboo cane poles, and unpainted cork bobbers?

    Old TIme Fishin'

  • These unpainted spot paintings sell for more than the painted ones, and they generally remain unpainted. via

    Artlog: Eleven for Eleven: Damien Hirst's Controversial Worldwide Exhibition

  • Interior walls are left unpainted, with just the white plaster on the surface, the trowel marks visible.

    A New Kind of Model Home

  • Interior walls are left unpainted, with just the white plaster on the surface, trowel marks visible.

    Living in a Model Home


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