from The Century Dictionary.

  • Not attainted; not charged with a crime; not accused.
  • Not rendered impure by admixture; not impregnated with foul matter: as, untainted air.
  • Not sullied; not stained; unblemished.
  • Not rendered unsavory by putrescence: as, untainted meat.

from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

  • adjective Not tainted; free of contamination; pure.

from WordNet 3.0 Copyright 2006 by Princeton University. All rights reserved.

  • adjective (of reputation) free from blemishes


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  • I hope it will not come too soon; (for God's sake let us keep some spot in the world still untainted from the turmoil of the multitude, so that coming generations will have a place to flee to).

    The New Organ of Civilization

  • He called to mind many a pleasant fire-side chat; many a funeral scene, and burying in sun-light and in the cold rain; the young Elbridge too was in his thoughts last of all; could he return to them with a name untainted, the old man would cheerfully lie down in his grave and be at peace with all the world.

    Chanticleer A Thanksgiving Story of the Peabody Family

  • To be white, you need to be 100% white "" that is, "untainted" - by the black genes.

    Barack Obama is Not America's First Black President

  • But what stays Kate’s hand, and prevents her from entering into all-out competition with her daughter, is her need to remain untainted in her daughter’s opinion.

    On Edith Wharton « Tales from the Reading Room

  • Ironically the Dems for Change are now well-positioned for 2004 because they remain untainted by Snook and the status quo Dems and can easily steal away Schilling’s base by running some dynamic, change-oriented candidates for office.

    Richards Wins Congressional Nomination at

  • That Sample B will overrule Sample A, or however that works, and Landis 'dramatic comeback will remain untainted. - Landis' drug test puts another hero in doubt

  • She agreed to a prosecution proposed compromise, allowing the government to call untainted witnesses and evidence not handled by Carla Martin.

    CNN Transcript Mar 17, 2006

  • He recalled untainted and simple memories of Kazem telling Suthep a joke a customer had relayed to him making all four of them laugh until they turned red; the shapes and slight variations of the colors of clouds; and lying on his bed in their parents home hearing the sounds of locusts somewhere in the swaying tree limbs cradled in the wind's caresses.

    Corpus of a Siam Mosquito

  • The appeal of "untainted" Tea Party candidates signals this disgust with current officeholders.

    Terry Newell: Throwing the Bums Out Won't Work

  • The appeal of "untainted" Tea Party candidates signals this disgust with current officeholders.

    Terry Newell: Throwing the Bums Out Won't Work


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