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  • adj. Not controversial or problematic.

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  • adj. easy and not involved or complicated


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  • The first approach argues that South Africa should integrate itself into this "unproblematic" reality without question as the only way for the growth of South Africa's domestic economy.


  • I suppose some pomo theorists might consider your prose "unproblematic," which is a pejorative, apparently.


  • But it cannot be taken simply on faith, as unproblematic, treated as a natural signifier; nor can it be cashed in as if it were a treasury bond from the literature of a former era.

    Point of View in Fiction

  • Thus one might infer that his concern for the decline in novel-reading is also an accompanying lament for the passing of the novel in its realist/character-centered phase (at least characters who are relatively unproblematic in their psychological make-up, who give us desired access to their "inner feelings.")

    Saying Something

  • I took a look at the brief and I find it unproblematic.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » The Solicitor General Lays an Egg

  • The reason that is unproblematic is that even if you view corporations as legal persons with constitutionally-protected expressive rights, as legal persons their nature, and indeed their very existence, is subject to law.

    Matthew Yglesias » Endgame

  • When I was young, such attitudes seemed unproblematic.

    Nick Cohen - "I’m turning into a Jew!"

  • I would consider this article a publishing success if just ne person went into it thinking the naturalistic program is unproblematic and was prompted to click through to the Wittgenstein or Kripke sources to discover the surprising difficulties it contains.

    Perils of pop philosophy

  • The AP characterizes the situation as unproblematic, relying on the testimony of one banker. (there are others, but the AP article does no serious analysis)

    The 14th Banker: Misdiagnosis of Small Business Act

  • The wholesale copying for purposes of dissection and critique at the blog is unproblematic.

    Archive 2009-04-01


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