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  • adv. In an unprofitable manner.

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  • In an unprofitable manner; without profit, gain, benefit, advantage, or use; to no good purpose or effect.

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  • adv. without gain or profit
  • adv. in an unproductive manner


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unprofitable +‎ -ly


  • During those fifteen to sixteen years, we had spent a great deal of time, a great deal of effort, and a great deal of money in unprofitably pursuing this development.

    Factors in Developing a Mineral Deposit

  • The manufacturing capacity auto makers had in place to unprofitably churn out cars as they struggled to meet labor obligations, for example, is capacity that, postreorganization, they aren't going to tap.

    As Inflation Eases, Fed Gets a Wider Berth

  • There is no need to fire any customers because a firm does not spend differentially to serve them; there are essentially no unprofitably high-maintenance shoppers, except those that have a chronic habit of returning items after trying them out.

    K. Sudhir: Firing Customers to Flatten the Whale

  • Businessmen saw that if they invested in troubled enterprises they might be publicly humiliated and bullied into producing unprofitably.

    The Return

  • It may not even need to be profitable; the government does a long line of unprofitably things.

    Why Space? Why Now? - NASA Watch

  • In the deregulated Texas market, a lot of power plants could end up idling unprofitably.

    Wind Power Fuels Fight in Texas

  • Airbus won't sell planes unprofitably to win a $35 billion Pentagon contract for aerial tankers, said

    Airbus Won't Sacrifice Profit to Win for Tanker Contract

  • The question is whether Citicorp, as a bank holding company with commercial banking deposits guaranteed by the Federal government, ought to be permitted to engage in proprietary trading of the kind that Hall undertakes, whether profitably or unprofitably or, in other words, ought the bank holding company to be undertaking such risks at all.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Proprietary Trading by Citicorp:

  • Given the uncertainty surrounding reform of domestic natural-gas tariffs, set unprofitably low by the government, any sign that Gazprom is making "excess" profits might serve only to delay it.

    Gazprom's Weakness: Burning Through Cash

  • Italy prizes its national airline and has allowed it to limp on unprofitably for years.

    J.P. Morgan holders give Dimon


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