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  • adjective Not reticent; talkative.


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un- +‎ reticent


  • The science advances quickly, as we see in this article on fresh results finding that the rate of Greenland ice loss tripled this year relative to 2007 quoting the now very unreticent Jason Box: "We now know that the climate doesn't have to warm any more for Greenland to continue losing ice," Box said.

    Rabett Run

  • Bill told Lady M. about his disillusionment and she told Robert who said yes we all know so Lady M. said it was very unreticent of Bill and she had very little respect for him and didnt blame his wife or the foreigner.

    The Complete Stories

  • Bertie went to a house full of tarts when he was plastered and is pretty unreticent about it as Lady M. would say.

    The Complete Stories

  • "But didn't he?" asked Lady Caroline – every bit as shamelessly unreticent as Mrs. Wilkins.

    The Enchanted April

  • But after a good many family councils, in most of which, after the unreticent Marshall manner, she herself was allowed to be present, it was decided not to send her to the huge new Central High

    The Bent Twig

  • Over and over again I have heard women unreticent enough upon the same subject; but, when they spoke their hearts, the picturesque touch – the flash and fire of romance – was never nearly so strong and sometimes altogether absent.

    Marriage as a Trade

  • "But didn't he?" asked Lady Caroline -- every bit as shamelessly unreticent as Mrs. Wilkins.

    The Enchanted April

  • Besides, even such an unreticent person as myself couldn't possibly anticipate.

    Enter Bridget

  • For I am that Manuel whom men call the Redeemer of Poictesme, and my deeds will be the themes of harpers whose grandparents are not yet born; I have known love and war and all manner of adventure: but all the sighings and hushed laughter of yesterday, and all the trumpet-blowing and shouting, and all that I have witnessed of the unreticent fond human ways of great persons who for the while have put aside their state, and all the good that in my day I may have done, and all the evil that I have certainly destroyed, -- all this seems trivial as set against the producing of this tousled brat.

    Figures of Earth


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