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  • intransitive v. To release the shift key on a typewriter or computer keyboard.

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  • v. to release the shift key on a computer or typewriter keyboard
  • v. (computing) a command or operation, similar to push, used to add an item to the beginning of an array


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  • #$LOAD_PATH.unshift File.join(File.dirname(__FILE__), '..') if $0 == __FILE_

    Creating Methods On the Fly…And Bugs in Google Phonebook « Jeff Fry on Testing

  • When I type it's a real big inconvenience to have to reach for the shift key with one thumb and then reach across with the other thumb to hit a number then reach back to unshift that's 3 keystrokes for a single number! Top headlines

  • Use "$:. unshift File. dirname (__FILE__)" at the start of your script if you need to 'require' additional source files in the same directory no matter what the user's current working directory is.

    RubyForge Gems

  • Common Array Functions Function Example Description push myArray. push ( "Wizard") Adds a value to the end of an array Removes the last value of an array and pop myArray. pop () returns it unshift myarray. unshift ( "Wizard") Adds a value to the beginning of and array Removes the

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  • Then, we add that array (of individually, and universally, sorted arrays) to the right hand side of the @sorted_perms array, which we use further on in the script. unshift (@sorted_perms, "@temparray");

    LXer Linux News

  • # Set library paths in @INC, at compile time unshift @INC, '.'


  • # - * - encoding: utf-8 - * - lib = File. expand_path ( '../lib/', __FILE__) $:. unshift lib unless $:. include? (lib) require "version"

    Ole Morten Amundsen

  • $:. unshift File. join (File. dirname (__FILE__), * \% w [.. lib]) require 'post. rb' class PostTest


  • $value = pop @array; shift and unshift do the same for the start of an array

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  • i can detect that 'pear' exists using in_array ( 'pear', $my_array), but can i simply change the key to zero to make it the first element? or do i have to loop through the array to find it's index and store it as a variable ($found), then unset it, and then use unshift ($my_array, $found); wouldn't reorganizing the key be faster since i'm not actually deleting the element.


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