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  • n. A sequence of characters, different from a password, that is used as identification and is required when logging on to a multiuser computer system, LAN, bulletin board system, or online service. Also called user ID.

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  • n. A person's identification on an individual computer system.


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user +‎ name


  • You can type a direct message into the "What's happening?" box on your homepage, however this time instead of starting the message with "@username" like you do for a reply, you can instead remove the @ sign and replace it with the letter d (for direct) and a space, for example "d username."

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  • "SELECT id FROM members WHERE username = '$username' LIMIT 1"

  • Can I do something like the following: if exists (Select * users where username = @username) that would probably be better off as a scalar function, not an SP.

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  • Still its not working. the match dimension query is not recogizing the "where" condition. i have writen as follows hi, the dimension (in SSAS) is not accepting Select matchid, matchname, username from match where username = (@username) this format of query.

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  • If you have any problems with the registration process or your account login, please hi dudes, I have a php interface contains: enter username: enter password: and I want to save (append) $username

  • Download the source code, open twitter_status. php, change $username and $password with your Twitter username and password and upload the file in your test server.

  • I could read and delete them. username = "mlxxx@vabb. upn"; password = "xyzpdq"; sleep 2 echo USER $username sleep 1 echo PASS $password sleep 2 echo STAT sleep 1 echo QUIT

  • The $username variable contains the current logged-in username and is set by your PHP application.

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  • username = $username, password = $password, my $friends_list = $nt-friends;

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  • I added new table to database called profile with username as foreign key and all the needed information are stored there, since in aspmember table username and password types are declared as uniqueidentifier and my foreign key also is the same, I dont know how to retrieve users info from the profile table. anyone can help me how to retrieve info from this table. well just make a query where you will select only record where the username is equal to some username: string queryString = "SELECT * FROM profileTable WHERE username = @username"; now pass a value to your command object for the @username parameter: commObj. articles


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  • awesome -- thanks r!

    November 3, 2007

  • John, jennarenn and chained_bear (and maybe a few other Wordies) have been "collecting" great Wordie usernames. See fabulous usernames and Best Wordie User Names. :-)

    November 3, 2007

  • Maybe it's that someone drawn to Wordie would naturally care more, or maybe it's that this is the first time that I've ever paid attention... but there are some great ones on this site. The general quality strikes me as far higher than typical.

    November 2, 2007