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  • I detect an idea that the spontaneous use of tú or usted is an indication not of the relationship itself but of the way in which the speaker would like to present him/herself - as a friendly cheerful type or as a more reserved character; and the variation in advertising is interesting and seems to support this idea.

    Where hast tha been?

  • As I always say in my many lectures, I only do three things to the questions: edit them for space constraint, clean them up for grammatical purposes and give people a pseudonym I would've called usted Dumbfounded in Denver, but your choice worked.

    Gustavo Arellano: Ask A Mexican!: Good Gabacho/Evil Alabama Edition

  • There is the formal "usted" and the familiar (non formal) "tu" that is in constant play when communicating with others in spanish.

    Its a question of idenity . . .

  • Some parts of the Spanish-speaking world became so formal that they lost the informal tense altogether, like the lower classes in Colombia, who will even address their own parents as "usted".

    Stony Creek Digest

  • Even now, I address my grandparents as "usted", even though I may have not done so as a child, and my mother slips in and out of "usted" even with her own parents.

    Stony Creek Digest

  • Argentines tend to drop the "usted" fairly quickly after knowing you maybe five minutes, and some it won't even take them that long. doña and the lack of a familiar form in most modern English after about the 1600s (but in parts of northern England thou didn't die out: 'Tha thinks?'

    Stony Creek Digest

  • Si usted tiene un momento libre, por que no le ayuda a John Barrasso, un oponente de la reforma de inmigracion, a celebrar la cultura Mexicana en su recaudacion de fondos para el Cinco de Mayo?

    HUFFPOST HILL - MAY 5, 2010

  • She started at that, quite bewildered for a moment; then her eyes lowered, and I'll swear she stifled a smile, for she glanced at me sidelong and gave that little lift of the chin that's the coquette's salute from Tunbridge Wells to Pago Pago, as she murmured: "Como quiera usted."


  • Para una version de esta nota en espanol: Crudo, La Pelicula que Chevron no quiere que usted vea

    Tracy L. Barnett: The Movie Chevron Doesn't Want You to See

  • Esta es una manera de hacerlo usted mismo que está en mi primer libro, Intuición práctica.

    Laura Day: ��C��mo predecir el ganador de la Superbowl de su sof��


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