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  • v. Present participle of vanquish.


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  • In addition to the utility of violent prowess in vanquishing enemies and in acquiring food, assaults and threats are effective coercive tactics more generally, whether in the context of helping oneself to another's property, in the pursuit of sexual access or in any other area in which interests are not consonant.

    Eric Haseltine: Changing Your Brain's Factory Settings

  • Although President Obama's war-fighting strategy is focused on Afghanistan, the administration has long believed that Pakistan is the key to success in vanquishing the Taliban and eliminating al-Qaeda's activities in the region.

    U.S. tense over Pakistan

  • Historians attribute Cortez's success in vanquishing the formidable imperial armies to superior technology and planning.

    Mexican history: a brief summary

  • A tale of Koxinga's monster vanquishing is told about Jian Tan (劍潭), just north of Taipei City, where Koxinga is said to have used a jeweled sword (寶劍) to kill an evil spirit.

    How Taiwan Became Chinese

  • "The philosophers of past times," replied Geburon, "who hardly felt either mirth or sadness; at least they showed no manifestation of either, so possessed were they with the belief that there is virtue in vanquishing oneself."

    The Heptameron of Margaret, Queen of Navarre

  • By making concessions to the pope, he finally won him to cordial friendship, and by the sword vanquishing some and intimidating others, he broke up the league.

    The Empire of Austria; Its Rise and Present Power

  • As someone recently liberated from "vanquishing" her younger son for about 18 months, i'm appalled that so many hip LA theatre-goers don't know what "lactating" means! but maybe it's more what your mom observed about direction, etc., than what your audiences actually know about care and feeding of human infants. besides, some positive pro-breastfeeding subliminal messages never hurt. so i join the chorus of fans asking you to KEEP THE LINE!

    k is for komedy

  • Why would he castigate Reid over a mere slip of tongue and unguarded moment, when more important things are at stake than Obama's own self-respect, such as vanquishing America?

    Infidel Bloggers Alliance

  • It's a little early to be expecting Fios to be out "vanquishing" major cable operators, and it's also a little early for investors to be committing seppuku over upgrades that are absolutely necessary if Verizon wants to be relevant in 2015.

    DSLreports - front page

  • The age of vanquishing infection with a pill may turn out to have been a mere 75-year interlude.

    Family Affair


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