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  • adv. In a veritable manner; in a way that truly and accurately describes something.

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  • In a veritable or true manner; verily; truly; genuinely.


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veritable +‎ -ly


  • That glorious free-market story arc would only veritably begin some seventy years later, when Bank of America introduced the first nationwide credit card to the Eisenhower era, unleashing the miracle of washing machine and refrigerator “ownership” via wallet-sized debt-incurring pieces of plastic.

    The English Is Coming!

  • Dr. Ramachandran takes this even further: Mirror neurons, he claims, are the key to many modes of distinctively human communication and they are the reason we are "the one and only species that veritably lives and breathes culture."

    The Mind in the Mirror

  • Racing through the kitchen as if a trip to the dishwasher were a minor emergency, chopping garlic as if the global supply might dry up at any moment, they seem veritably propelled by their determination to demonstrate how hard they are working.

    The Sorcerer’s Apprentices

  • The whole thing is essentially a carnival redux ofLady in the Water, in that Lady in the Water was a pointless, onanistic allegory about how misunderstood – nay, how veritably Christ-like – M. Night Shyamalan is for making movies as brilliant as Signs and, uh, The Village.

    2010 January « paper fruit

  • But the Supreme Court in Buckley vs. Valeo, set aside the '73 Act and now requires candidates for office to veritably buy the seat.

    Sen. Fritz Hollings: Money Is a Cancer in Politics

  • Cragged edges, haunting facades and fascinating back stories, all things that combine to produce the compellingly beautiful ruined castles of England - whose green and pleasant land is veritably pock-marked with such historical sites.

    Historvius: 14 Picturesque English Castle Ruins

  • The first half of the program which repeats on Friday and Saturday at 8 p.m. was occupied with two suites and an aria from Albert Roussel's opera "Padmavati," a heavy-lidded and sensuous piece of French Orientalism so rich that O'Connor's voice in the aria was veritably swallowed up by the eggy music around it.

    NSO review: Tabla meets West as 'India' concert strikes a crossover convergence

  • This vast journey – "veritably across the roof of the world", says the guide – took four days.

    Lake Titicaca's floating B&B

  • Fortunately, when we set up for a formal two-camera interview in Seif al-Islam's swank Belgravia bachelor's pad, a member of our crew had similar skin color: She reached over the short, well-lighted distance between them and, without asking permission, dabbed foundation make-up on the full-mouth-sized hickey veritably carved across the dictator's son's neck.

    Michael Bronner: Civil War (Hold the Mustard...)

  • Now, I veritably believe, I thought -- I didn't of course say; words would have revealed the nonsense -- that Christianity itself was very sensible.

    Kevin Belmonte: The Genius Of G.K. Chesterton: Understanding The Heart Of The Enduring Story


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