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  • adj. Of, relating to, or of the nature of a vertebra.
  • adj. Having or consisting of vertebrae.
  • adj. Having a spinal column.

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  • adj. Of or relating to a vertebra or the spine.
  • adj. Having or made of vertebrae.
  • adj. Having a spinal column.

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  • adj. Of or pertaining to a vertebra, vertebræ, or the vertebral column; spinal; rachidian.
  • adj. Vertebrate.
  • n. A vertebrate.

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  • Of the nature of a vertebra; characteristic of or peculiar to vertebræ: as, vertebral elements or processes; vertebral segmentation.
  • Pertaining or relating to a vertebra or to vertebræ; spinal: as, vertebral arteries, nerves, muscles; a vertebral theory or formula.
  • Composed of vertebræ; axial, as the backbone of any vertebrate; spinal; rachidian: as, the vertebral column.
  • Having vertebræ; backboned; vertebrate: as, a vertebral animal.
  • In Echinodermata, axial: noting the median ossicles of the ray of any starfish, a series of which forms a solid internal axis of any ray or arm, each ossicle consisting of two lateral halves united by a longitudinal suture, and articulated by tenon-and-mortise joints upon their terminal surfaces. See Ophiuridæ, and cuts under Asteriidæ and Astrophyton.
  • In entomology, situated on or noting the median line of the upper surface.
  • n. A vertebrate.
  • n. A vertebral artery.
  • n. One of the unpaired horny plates which cover the median dorsal portion of the carapace of a turtle.

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  • adj. of or relating to or constituting vertebrae


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  • But this unsegmented primary axial skeleton is soon replaced by the segmented secondary axial skeleton, which we know as the vertebral column.

    The Evolution of Man — Volume 2

  • So-called vertebral dissection can ultimately cut off the blood supply, which in turn can lead to a stroke and even death.

    Beware the spinal trap

  • New York, with the line from Vanceborough, Maine, to San Francisco, just described, or perhaps what may be called the vertebral column of the system, is the New York and Chicago railway post-office line, known also as the "Fast Mail" or the "White Mail," as the mail-cars on this line were originally painted white.

    The Bay State Monthly — Volume 1, No. 1, January, 1884

  • The theory of the skull which held the field was known as the vertebral theory.

    Thomas Henry Huxley A Sketch Of His Life And Work

  • Venice gave Goethe the hint for the so-called vertebral theory of the skull.

    Dream Psychology Psychoanalysis for Beginners

  • It might indeed be described as a vertebral column from which iron roads will ere long be extended laterally on either side, like ribs, to support and bind together the huge frame.

    The Awakening of China

  • The human embryo has a very well marked caudal appendage; that is, the vertebral column appears prolonged, just as it is in a young quadruped.

    Complete Project Gutenberg Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. Works

  • That is called a vertebral fracture and it usually does not cause any noticeable problems.


  • Straight chiropractic is essentially caring for the spine - particularly a condition called vertebral subluxation - and nothing else.

    Home News Tribune - News

  • Spinal imaging is recommended for the evaluation of patients who have LBP that persists beyond 4 weeks, exhibit severe or progressive neurologic deficits, or are suspected of having a serious underlying condition such as vertebral infection or cancer

    PLoS Medicine: New Articles


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