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  • adj. Small enough to fit into a vest pocket: a vest-pocket book.
  • adj. Very small; diminutive: a vest-pocket park.

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  • adj. Small enough to be carried in a vest pocket or other small container.
  • adj. By extension, anything smaller than would ordinarily be expected.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

From vest + pocket, referring to the pockets of a suit vest, which are only sized to hold watches, handkerchiefs, wallets, and similarly small items.


  • New York's urban gardens and vest-pocket parks are littered with the best intentions of architects who might previously have been on a winning streak.

    A Hedge Grows in Midtown

  • They want to reclaim the radical social vision of evangelical Christianity and the absolute independence of the evangelical community from vest-pocket political party captivity.

    Clergy Leadership Network

  • He called them vest-pocket dogs and admired their lively spirit and work ethic.

    Five Good Small-Breed Bird Hunting Dogs

  • Associated Press A 'matchbox' camera and vest-pocket darkroom, used behind enemy lines during World War II.

    Kodak: From Brownie to EasyShare

  • Park concerts with singers like Judy Collins, an exquisite vest-pocket park he created as an oases in mid-town Manhattan, to memorialize elegant Babe Paley, and the swimming pool he opened in Brooklyn, along with all his various accomplishments at the Met and afterward, contributed to Hoving's living legend, which endures now even after he's gone.

    Thomas Hoving, Wendy Burden and the End of Elite Privelige?

  • 'Mission: Impossible' and 'The Man From U.N.C.L.E.' had plenty of vest-pocket kingdoms in Europe to choose from.


  • In 1971, she donated prize money to city programs such as “Dress up Your Neighborhood” and helped to create and promote vest-pocket parks throughout the New York boroughs.

    Mollie Parnis.

  • You got a cute vest-pocket, Master, which you can make both slow and faster.

    Celebrating The Johnny Mercer Centennial

  • Nobody here seems to care whether the show is good; they're happy to have a vest-pocket version of European avant-garde extravaganzas like "" Documenta '' in town.

    Santa Fe Raises Its Sites

  • Tucked into a small site by the Charter Street cemetery, the memorial is really a vest-pocket park, anchored by an old maple tree and bordered by a rustic stone wall that looks like it's been there for centuries.

    Remembering The Witch Hunt's Victims


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